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Mark de LA says
This is true of course otherwise why does one see little piles of stones in the woods ?

Si says

Si says
Abraham, Eckhart Tolle, and Bashar all also provide methods to remove a core assumption.

Interestingly, though each of those three provide different methods, all of the methods are much more concrete and reproducable than “trying to find in yourself where you are holding onto the core belief like you would be holding onto a stick”. Peter Ralston’s concept of reality is very much like to the other three I mention … but Peter Ralston’s methods are more intuitive, things he has found a way to do himself, but not for which he can describe exact methods others can easily follow and reproduce … but only generalizations and intuitions. I have noticed that before about Peter and what he teaches.

I like Peter, and I believe in what he teaches … and at the same time realize that his teaching is at a different level … more for those who desire to “find the way to each thing inside themselves" than for those who “want to learn a skill today, use it, and move on with evolution tomorrow”.

Si says
p.s. #IMHO Those coming into play at this time, i.e. the 20 something crowd and below, have for the most part learned these intuitive skills in prior lifetimes (etc.) and are at an evolutionary place where they are ready to re-learn the basics of these skills fast and move on to a new level of reality experience where the focus is on doing instead of introspective learning. This was not so for the most part of those born before about 1985 to 1990 … and thus we had teachers, like Rudolf Steiner, who were teaching introspective skill building to these earlier souls.

#IMHO evolution is happening right in front of us. In the world at large we are seeing the results of the prior generations and the skills the leading edge few earned, playing out as what is visible. In the upcoming generation we are seeing the results of what the prior generations put into cumulative knowledge and skills showing up as intuitive impulses … and this is reforming the reality matrix we are experiencing now, first underneath in less visible ways, and soon externally in whole new social structures and interactions that are starting to be built today, as the older structures become unstable and fall into decay (M$M, money driven politics, corporate driven science, etc). I love standing aside and watching reality evolution happen!

Mark de LA says
It helps to have a more direct experience of Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin than you ever are likely to get & have yet to have any. You thread of #ageism will leave you once you have some age & possibly get some wisdom. Every generation seems to make the same kinds of claims as you do about the importance of your generation in human (our alien) evolution. 

Si says
?? I am 55 … I am not of the current 20 something generation by a factor of 2. The current one is not mine at all. Rather than ageism, I tend to see the opposite … the march of ages.

I have simply learned (it’s kind of my nature) to see people, and the times, in a timeless sense independent of my age and of the assumptions built into my childhood environment and upbringing … I never really identified with those and was isolated during the formative years most people gain those “generation structures”.

With this timeless view, I recognize the 20 something generation (for every person and time) as the formative generation of a time, and the 30 something and into 40 something generation as the active generation of a time, and the 40 something on generation as the teaching and reflective generation of a time. Obviously these move gradually into the next about every 10 or 12 years.

Mark de LA says
A nice general generalism .

Si says
Well yes, and I find it rather charming, and a complement, that you still see me as 20 something … as well as not “having some age and wisdom” … since I am older now than you were when I knew you in LA during the Tony Robbins and CyberMind years.

Mark de LA says
You brought up 20-something.  The number itself is just your particular story anchor. The inventions of the telephone ….. to today’s twitter is an evolutionary change facilitating spreading stuff.  The quality of what is being spread may not necessarily show up as any kind of golden age more than any others in the past – jury is still out.null

Si says
I brought up 20 something for a reason. You appeared to believe that was my generation by what you said about me.  

You see, I believe that it is never the content that matters, it is what the making of the content does to a persons experience that matters.

i.e. It does not matter what people post on twitter and how much it relates to what people used to phone about. What matters is what “sharing” (via twitter or anything) causes a person to think about … and thus determines what they will attract as a reality experience, for themselves, and for their influence on others. And what people are thinking about today when sharing is quite different than what people were thinking about 50 years ago … and that is because of people’s different relationship to the concepts outlined in [thought 24920].

I believe that real evolution is about the evolution of human patterns of thought, beliefs, and assumptions … apparent evolution is the symptoms of real evolution falling out as manifest objects in the literal world, such as inventions, social structures, etc.

Mark de LA says

Si says
This is my jam dude! It’s my life and my love … and I am sorry it puts you to sleep. It is the source code of the universe to me. It’s how to live an amazing life and have a thriving experience here in the physical!  

Mark de LA says
Looks a lot like “Contrived Platitudes” on FB – Also notice you are writing on my thought in my group.

Si says
Yes, well my original comment Reality out of piles of stones (comment 83419) was spot-on content to your first coment on your post. It was you who diverged off on my age and experience ... and I simply followed … as usual.

I was simply commenting on Peter Ralston’s direct content and even quoted it.

Mark de LA says
Yep, …. still snoozing your #AlreadyAlwaysArguing does that to me .

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