Copy of - Meme’s rule! Icons drool! Words are for the fool!

… yep, don’t want to loose this! null

Found it over on Iconia (comment 72540) while testing the search with the term “drool”  


  1. OOB


Mark de LA says
Someone assumed that I would pay for something such as this with such a title. Snuck! not today!

Si says
Good show!

Let’s prevent pickup and export of such creatures in-the-wild.

Mark de LA says
You prevented comments on the original. Such was the only way to comment otherwise you are just re-inventing one-way graffiti.

Si says

Yep, can’t comment or see comments if you don’t buy!  (incentive)

Mark de LA says
The title was a deterrent & disincentive- still graffiti though.

Si says
Well, all your #OOB stuff about my content aside, it was great that you found this hole.


And p.s., please buy some coins. Want to see how that process works for you in your browsers. It is actually going all the way through to square service, but in sandbox mode on the square account right now. Thanks.

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