P r e s e n t a t i o n !

 What is the difference between a villain and a super villain? 
  P r e s e n t a t i o n ! (Megamind 2010) 
pronounced      prea – sen – taeeeeee – shun !!

The new [room live reference] is all about being able to present.

It gives you the ability to present a custom labeled collection of something to people without associating that collection with tags or searches or other unmentionables.
[room tag the universe and author nathan and label Notes from the Universe]

This nice little jewel creates a room with all the “Notes from the Universe” that I put here at FBI, in any group. But not things seth created and tagged with “the universe”.  
Notes from the Universe

Very simple syntax. Sections are separated by the word “and” or “&&”. Where a section has multiple elements, such as more than one tag, author, group, etc, each element is separated by a comma. Reads like english and is very forgiving about extra white space, case, and characters … except the one and only ] character which can only be at the end.

The reference comes in 3 flavors.
  1. [room … ] for the standard reference look as in example
  2. [room-link … ] looks like a normal link as in surprise!
  3. [room-btn … ] to look like a button as in

Currently supported filters, no particular order required.
  1. tag tag-name
  2. tags comma separated list of tag-names
  3. group group-name
  4. groups comma separated list of group-names
  5. no hashtags (or no hash tags)
  6. no thought tags
  7. author author-profile-group-name (or author id)
  8. authors comma separated list of author-profile-group-names (or author ids)
  9. allow private – allows your private thoughts in the collection (default is public thoughts)
  10. label – the label to use for the reference and for the room title (defaults to thinking room)
Will likely be supported in the future (ask if you need one now for p r e s e n t a t i o n).
  1. natural language searches
  2. titles in various formats
  3. date ranges
  4. negation operator
  5. tagged by author (instead of author of the thought as above)
  6. no comments
  7. sort order


  1. presentation
  2. room
  3. thinking room
  4. reference
  5. live reference


Si says

[room tag hex 6 && group choy && label hexagram #6 && allow private]

becomes hexagram #6

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