Is WTF? a useful way to ask a question one expects a serious answer to?




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Mark de LA says
Some people have fragile egos that melt like snowflakes :

Others may note that snowflakes melt & so do dog turds in the rain. null

Si says
Nice reframe to justify the way you treat people.

I don’t like being treated that way. I don’t like treating people that way. And I don’t like being around situations where people are being treated that way. I generally ask such people to “grow up” and start treating others the way you would really like to be treated … in your heart … not as the status quo allows or is accustomed to.  

Mark de LA says
I think you need to grow up bub – you are certainly NOT attracting any respect acting like you are my parent. Maybe stick with kids they will accept your kind of behavior.  I use all the words & I don’t accept you as a parent.

Si says
Notice that only someone identifying as a child would see another as parenting.

Words are just words. We each assign meaning to them from the perspective we are identifying with.

Mark de LA says
#AlreadyAlwaysArguing & using #TuQuoque to feel good about it thumbs up

Si says
When you authentically want to know something from me, ask me in the way you honestly would like to be asked. You will receive a like response, either way.


Mark de LA says

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