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Mark de LA says

Si says

Si says
So yes. One could ask, why is the tag #logo on this thought? From my perspective, I see no reason. Perhaps it is because you like this as a personal logo? Then perhaps a better tag would be #marks-logos. Or perhaps is some kind of logo for Alex Grey? And then perhaps it could be tagged #AlexGreyLogo.

Well chosen tags lead to well given other thoughts one may be interested in.

Sloppy and shotgun tagging leads to weird shit. #LOL

Si says
#ps mark you yourself got me into this area when you showed me how tags create relationships which can be used for the #SEO keywords supplied to search engines. I have simply made that a real thing here visible beyond the keywords in the header … and it is completely under author control by how authors control the tags on their own thoughts … for which they do control 100%.

i.e. Now authors see what the search engines are seeing too!

nullAuthors are getting to see the real-and-outside-world visible preponderance networks they are creating with their tagging - in real time.
 #SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality 🖖

Si says
#pps If you want to tag something for your-own-personal-use with a tag that doesn’t make sense for the masses, but is meaningful to you ... simply make it a private tag. You know how to do that right? It’s under the pop-up menu on the little tag icon next to mentography (thought) tags that you make. Only you can see tags that are private and private tags are not used to create the see-also sections. (early FBI 3.0 feature)

You could make the #logo tag above private since it is not a clearly visible relationship to others looking at this thought who have no idea how logo relates to it.

Si says
#ppps In case you missed the memo back in the day. Only you can see (and use) private tags that you created. If you delete a tag made by someone else on content you control, it makes that tag private to the person who created it and no one but that person can see it. This maintains the #ThreeLaws of cybernetic interaction (specifically law 1) such that information an author places cannot be removed by another … or in other words, authors cannot loose tag relationships they personally create … but those relationships can be hidden from the masses by the authors of content. This feature works very well in concordance with the see-also sections since the see-also generators respect private tags.

#SeriTD works hard to maintain the #ThreeLaws ... and does so quite splendidly in most every possible situation!

Mark de LA says
When I tag something it is for my own benefit to find again (maybe) . null  I don’t expect that it is to act like a magnet & pull up all the other shit attached to the word and attach links on my thoughts because of my tags.

Si says
So now you gain the opportunity to be more thoughtful and intentional with your tagging. Anything that serves to increase consciousness in these matters is a good thing (Cite #RS and others).  

… and … you still have full control over what relationships apply to and are seen by others and the see-also matrix.

… and … others gain massively by getting direct access to the preponderance network authors are creating with their tagging.

… and … authors get direct visual feedback on how the outside world (as seen by search bots) are indexing the relationships of their pages.

It is pretty much win-win in every possible way. 💖

Mark de LA says
That might be true if there were someone on the other end besides you! null
XOR maybe I could use ming &/or cryptographics null

Si says
#btw it was possible to make a mentography tag private at creation time by putting parenthesis around it in the tag box … I see that has stopped working. I will revive that feature for your ease of intentional tagging and #done it here when #ItIsSo. #MakeTagPrivate

Si says
It is true by basic logic as any matcher would use and consider.

Is it true by the logic a mismatcher would use? #idk you tell me. null

Mark de LA says
The Alex Gray two hands symbol is similar (or a morph or two away) from the CL logo.; comments from the peanut gallery notwithstanding. Thanks for reading it.

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