Golden Rule Dialog

mark, are you so insecure about your understanding of and relationship to the #GoldenRule that you are not even willing to talk objectively about it?

I am quite willing to make my point of view clear to any degree needed. We can keep the talk above the belt and fully within #SocraticMethod dialog.
Perhaps you will convince me that you really do get it both intellectually and as a force of action in your life.

Or perhaps I will convince you differently.

Are you afraid you might be wrong?


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Si says
Wow – the also-interested links on this thought are so directly in context! Whoot for the feature and preponderance of good tagging! 👍

Mark de LA says
You are already always hurling insults to my understanding – not worth reading your comments much any more. null

Si says
They are not insults. I truly believe that you believe we should follow the #GoldenRule. And I truly believe that you don’t really get what the #GoldenRule is as a force of being. And I am quite willing to discuss that point of view in #SocraticDialog.

It is not an insult to state what I authentically see and believe.

Mark de LA says
You are still in error – such is your problem. thumbs down

Si says
Are you opening dialog as you appear to be by stating that my perspective is in error?

That’s great!

What is the first thing you find error with?

Mark de LA says
Nope! #done

Si says
Okay. Via the codes of fair #SocraticDialog I must respect your bowing out of the conversation. I am also allowed to note, for the record, that your statement that I am in error is inconsistent with what I have written on the subject and unsubstantiated. And I am allowed to respectfully request it be stricken from the record here until such time as it’s author is willing to show why he believes that statement to be true and accept fair and reasonable reply to such.

Thank you for your participation in fair and reasonable dialog.

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