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Si says
In comparison I would say to their tagline “A debate platform powered by reason” that Thinking Live™ is “A thinking platform powered by intuitive connections”.

Where they emphasize easy compartmentalization and well formed thought boundaries (critical thinking) we emphasize intuition and growth of mind by stimulating new connections and associations (higher thinking).

Perhaps better said, “Our software is designed to help make critical thinking a servant to higher mind”.  

#ThisIsGood #niche

Mark de LA says
Go for the #AbstractBlowJob instead.  Kialo is more the Socrates mentality like (private thought) .

Si says
Why are you such a Jerk? “Go for the #AbstractBlowJob” is about as opposite to the #SocraticMethod as a person can get. You don’t practice what you advocate for!

In any case, Socratese lived in a time when the communication possibilities we have today did not exist. That is the point I am trying to make … that we are forging new ground. It is fine to build on #SocraticDialog where it applies to the new … but it was not strictly designed for the ways of thinking, especially interactive thinking, that we are able to do now as a culture and here in Thinking Live™ Domains. We have the possibility here to transfer ideas with a network of related information that is being interactively built in the same timeframe as what is being related is both being transmitted to others, and created (by all) at the same time. I would call that something like Direct Synergy. That ability is wholly new in a written medium … and it is not just a pile of words, it is a real and tangible difference, and I am interested and excited about leveraging it. Whereas Kailo appears to be interested in using the new virtual medium to only create a better place to do the same kind of thinking that was possible in Socratese time.

It’s like making an even better hammer. Yep, we keep doing that with evolving science … every few years a better hammer appears at Home Depot. But all in all, it’s still a hammer. There are more evolved ways to connect things now than with nails!  

There are more evolved ways to think now than with strictly critical thinking too!

Mark de LA says
Why are YOU such an #asshole? nathan

Si says
Notice that I always communicate with you using the #SocraticMethod. Even when I call you a jerk, I explain why. I give you feedback, let you know exactly what you are doing that earns my calling you something. You don’t do that. You just dump on people … Seth or me. Like your God and can dish out such judgments without need for cause or reason. Very un #SocraticMethod if you ask me.

As per the articles about it … the #SocraticMethod is all about showing the consistency of everyone’s points of view, including one’s own. It requires showing the why of things, and how things are connected. I do that, virtually always, no matter what I am talking about. I always show where my ideas come from, how they are connected, and how they apply. Maybe you don’t like the new-agey patterns of speech I use, but those are just patterns, not the content they refer to which is well #socratic in it’s consistency and showing of relative proof.

Mark de LA says
Try it out on a perfect stranger xor on Kialo & see how far you get with your #Bullshit ! null

Si says
I suggest you try all your dumping upon, disregard of ideas, bullying, and insults with a perfect stranger and see how long they stay around. 

Of course, if they are like you ...

… which brings the point … who defines what “perfect” is in a stranger? There are as many different types of strangers as there are people. Statistically, I bet there are more types of strangers in this day and age who would much rather converse “my way” than “yours”.

Mark de LA says
Really try it out on someone else.  If they are at arms length you may get a surprise!
Happy  #bs .

Si says
Don’t you think I do all the time? Do you think you are special in some way, that I treat you differently?

I don’t treat you any different than those I am very close to. You simply don’t respond to the influences coming into your awareness that are there to cause change. We are all intended to be rapidly and vastly changing beings and there are stimuli coming to us constantly from all directions intended to help those changes happen. You have a bastion of defenses against all these influences, that’s all. If you were open to being the changing being you could be, the influences I represent would be a tornado of possibilities you would seek out, embrace, and enjoy.

Try it, many others today do. Many trust in change, trust that the changes are put there by our own higher selfs for our own evolution and enjoyment, and none of those many I personally know are disappointed. The people I know who experience virtually any disappointment in their lives are the ones who resist change. 

We are creating our reality as we go along. Any potential changes coming along on our path are put there by us, for us. Pretending that is true for a while shows a person that it does in fact work out as if that is true (even if it isn’t, who knows?), and thus the person gains trust in the process of self change and learns to accept change-of-self as a good and natural and rapidly occurring thing, instead of resisting it, and defending against it, and thus living a fairly static and unresponsive life with occasional growth and changes and plenty of discontent in what one is observing out there in the world.

Si says
Notice how you always make all of your postings “about you” with your de-railing comments, like Found on Twitter (comment 83772)

… my comment Found on Twitter (comment 83770) is on target and a well considered response utilizing my careful study of the Kailo phenomena and provides a value added focus running parallel to our own development.

Personally, I would love to develop our resources. I am not very interested in re-railing your de-rails. Wouldn’t it be so cool if we could do that here all the time? Wouldn’t it feel nice to stay on target with a focus?

Si says
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