I've got to wonder ...

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What is the point of reading something in a thinking domain for which I am not being allowed to comment upon? Doesn’t that take all the intimacy out of the act of sharing content?

Seems kind of like sex without being allowed to kiss. Just scratching an itch.

Thinking Domains™ are more than a blog that just pushes content … they create an environment for an intimate moment of sharing minds … except when one is not allowed to respond.


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Mark de LA says
I used the default values for the group which I haven’t used for years. Will check them out.  Not intentional. OTOH, your question could be explored as a topic in Kialo itself. Basically since books happened most of the experience of a book is a one-sided thingy. 😆

Si says
Yes exactly … most content in the world is a one sided thingy. Prior to the web, this was a necessity of the communication medium. Social media started the opening up of something new in communication. Thinking Live™ software takes that much further, to a whole new level.

Now people have to re-think, and create new feeling-path responses, for how they consume information.  

#ps The actual thought above was logically in error. I saw that I could not comment, but forgot that I can’t comment until I purchase. My mistake, although the fallout from the idea is a diamond in the rough as we explore it!

Mark de LA says
"It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others."
.’. ... it is all over the place. 

c.f. comment: The Future does not belong to those who slander others (comment 33800) from 3 years ago.  perhaps a good topic for Kialo.

Si says
It is also well to remember that all of those others are “me”. ( see About: one of the best dialogues ever written! ever! the egg. | spirit science ). Sometimes we work mostly from one perspective, and sometimes from the other. Dwelling entirely in either perspective is folly and leads to all manner of psychological ills and uncomfortable reality experience. Both perspectives in balance are necessary for harmony to unfold in the human experience.

Mark de LA says
Such would be, of course, YOUR perspective! null … there are so many others that are different.

Si says
My perspective is chosen exactly because it includes the perspectives of others in a consistent and comprehensive manner.

We cannot all be fully aware of the raw reality experience … for doing so would prevent many possible experiences from happening, from being possible. There would be much less possible experience to grow from, to mature with. Each of us chooses how narrow our focus is. I choose the widest possible understanding that fits all in my awareness. In lore, this is called the perspective of the Wizard.

Mark de LA says
More like the perspective of the #WordPile

Si says
So words in a different pattern than the pattern you are accustomed to are a #WorldPile? No matter how consistent, well formed, well considered, and intentionally offered?

Critical thought does not mean “thinking alike”.

Mark de LA says
NOT So! Piles of abstraction that sound like personal #Egoo are much like a pile of words they make you happy but are not real enough outside your own world.

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