Kajabi - The Only Knowledge Commerce Platform Today

Found a Niche here.

Kajabe is a powerhouse site for people wanting to sell online courses (something Natalie want’s to do herself). Thinking Live™ software already contains much of what such a resource needs. With an additional plugin to handle the accounting and lesson tracking, we could offer a much lighter weight platform for smaller business needs.

Kajabe runs about $129/month.
Our lighter scale version could be much less, maybe even as low as $25/month, and thus be in a highly competitive niche!


What they have:
  1. Complete website, shopping cart, and blog (no coding required).
  2. Email campaigns.
  3. Revenue analysis and management tools.
  4. Customer list management with initiation of campaigns from lists.
  5. Marketing automation (not clear what it does).
  6. Quizzes and Surveys.
3, 4, and 5 are probably highly related and Kajabe separates them to have more to list on their sales pages.

Needful Things (← Notice the Stephen King surrealism quotisamo)

  1. Payment subscription module.
    1. Already have ability to charge Square etc. As further payment platforms are added they will be available for this too. Such as PayPal and Bitcoin.
  2. Courses and tracking of student position in course.
    1. Can organize courses by group and course items by tagged thought.
  3. Bulk emailing.
    1. This has become difficult to do in-house because of all the spam filters and email client requirements and black-lists out there. Possibilities include using an outside source with an API interface (such as MailChimp) or looking into GCloud extensions (paid and free) that may be able to do this.
    2. Seth did a lot of work on this for SpeakToMe emailings. He may have value to add here when he comes back.
  4. Shopping cart plugin.
    1. Pretty simple. Buy buttons, a cart with a list view for it, and a checkout sequence. Panes seem ideal for the cart view and checkout pages. Cart itself is just a JSON object and could be stored in the browser, in user quads, or in the user data object … possibly some or all of those.
    2. #hmmm ... what about organizing products with #hashtag’s? Would get instant access to tag hint lists of all products while putting buy buttons in pages as well as the #hashtag definition thought as the product summary page. #hashtag’s should be able to be placed inside [live references] used as buy buttons. Could get a wealth of product management features all at once with this simple method.
  5. Similar sequencing of thoughts for quizzes and surveys, a place to store and organize the results, and a way to view the results.
    1. Perhaps store quiz results in thoughts?
How to script
  1. Scripting thoughts (lessons) by tag 
    1. Already have ability to create contents and lists by tag. Need to add ability to move forward and backward under such lists (CyberMInd Jump [j-key] Navigation).
    2. Need a way to sequence course items better than just publish date. Possibly orderable system tags such as “@page-1”, and “@page-2”. Perhaps add a new tag type to be used for sequencing of any thought based list.
Basic Plan
  1. Standardize Live Reference Tags
  2. Live reference tag factory
  3. List Component factory – for navbar and page components and pipelines
  4. Customer charge pipeline factory
  5. Thought style factory


  1. hmmm
  2. hashtag
  3. property-tags


Si says
Wondering about a resource that is like tags but can store both a name and a value.

i.e. #property-tags

Could be based on tags with an extended syntax for tagging.
Could be based on thoughts with general property lists for thoughts.
Should be indexable and sortable by property name and by property name/value.

Could be used to sequence thought lists as well as to store product properties etc. A general purpose property resrouce.

Perhaps an additional value column in the taggings table. Tag name and value can be split with a colon ... i.e. product:scooter where the name is the tag and the value is the property value. Would be always shown together as a tag but the individual columns in the table could be sorted individually.

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