Have you noticed that the more you hurry, the slower you go?

The more you wait, the longer it takes?

The more you worry, the less you dream?

But the more you live, love, and laugh, my friend, the more you live, love, and laugh.

 The Universe


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Mark de LA says
THe most peculiar is that some people do those things that make them feel bad or just feel bad. null
WHere do those come from?
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Si says
Not sure what you mean.

The above is simply a nice and somewhat poetic (word artistic) way to say the simple truth that “your experience will mirror the propensity of your thoughts” … along with some common sense anecdote about why that is true (i.e. mutual exclusion of the opposite thought).

People who experience feeling bad have been thinking more about those feelings, or experiences leading to those feelings, than about good feelings, or experiences leading to good feelings. Thus what they experience is aligned with the propensity of their thoughts.

No matter which way we allow our thoughts accumulate, that is where our experiences will mostly collect. I see this all the time. For instance, people who’s cars or technology breaks down a lot think about how things tend to break down a lot. They even talk about it happening a lot if you listen to their words. Conversely, people who have little or no trouble with their technology products either don’t talk about it at all, or talk about how wonderful it is. For my part, I observe this at a 100% level. I never see someone talking about negative experience who does not have similar negative experience in their life. And I never see someone who only talks about how good something is who has negative experiences related to that thing. Most people are somewhere in the middle, talking (and thinking) both positive and negative about nearly everything and most people have statistically random lives that match the weighting of their random talking and thinking. But when I find someone with a propensity one way or the other in their thinking and talking, I have always observed how their actual experience matches that propensity.

So back to your observation, I would simply say … people who do things that make them feel bad have been thinking a lot about those things or those feelings. It’s rather elegant and simple … and if you question any of those people in an objective way, you will always find they have been thinking thusly even if they were not consciously aware of the propensity of what they have been thinking, it’s still easy to elicit the simple fact of it with objective questions. 

#LOA is not only law, it is science too ... for anyone willing and brave enough to stick to the facts even when the facts support 100% responsibility for what one experiences, good or bad … it’s that little unavoidable consequence of factual #LOA that sticks in most people’s craw and deters them from being objective and scientific about it. Most people simply won’t accept that no one else is responsible … similar to how most people cannot bear the truth of their own being when face to face with the Guardian of the Threshold … both are aspects of the same. We cannot believe and accept that we are the only cause of our own pain … we cannot bear seeing ourselves that way … and any fact that says we are like that just can’t be.

Mark de LA says
Where do the bad thoughts come from? Why should there be any such thing as a “bad thought” ?
BTW, where do thoughts come from anyway?

Mark de LA says

Si says
There really are no “bad thoughts”, it is only a label for thoughts for which the propensity of them will manifest an experience that “feels” bad to a particular person.

Thoughts are simply momentum … the mechanical aspect of being and mind making connections. Every thought is a connection, new, or old. Thoughts are also vibration, that is their nature as an aspect that can be modeled.

Intuition is a vibration received by physical being and mind from higher aspects of self. Intuition can nudge thought connections to happen, when circumstances inside a being are in an allowing state for that to happen.

Why do bad thoughts (as a label) exist? Well, we can see that without the possibility of them we, as beings, would not evolve, would not grow. Even from a Darwin perspective, negative thoughts cause evolutionary adaptation and change. They also provide a field of contrast against which positive emotions can be felt to a much higher degree than otherwise. Without contrast, emotions and experiences would be diluted at best. I can’t say this is the only reason bad thoughts exist … I can only say that we can observe this benefit to them … with the underlying assumption that evolution (expansion of being) is a good thing … for which evolution of being is happening in any case so might as well assume it is good eh?

Si says
I would appreciate it if you would not “bash” my thoughts. Contrived platitudes are exactly that, contrived. Made-up specifically to twist something in some way. What I write here is not contrived. It is direct knowledge gained by my life experience, well considered, and well written. There is nothing contrived about it. I am interested in your well considered thoughts about it … but not puns which have the only purpose of twisting what is written and diluting it. Disinformation practices are not welcome.

Mark de LA says

There are no bad thoughts …. nathan

Si says
That is correct, there are no bad thoughts. There is also intent. When you post contrived statements, your intent is highly suspect and I have no interest in it here. It appears to be a disinformation practice at best, raw insults at worst. It is not humor.

Mark de LA says
THere is no bad intent without bad thought !

Si says
I don’t follow that. Please explain. What I see is that intent produces particular patterns of thought. Thoughts don’t produce intent. Thoughts follow from intent. Intent is like to a vibration that is held in state of being which draws sequences of thought with similar vibration.

That is how we, as humans, select thoughts. I do it all the time. I use one of several practices (focus wheel, rampage, grid, EFT, reframe, meditation, self-hypnosis, vision board, etc) which tunes my state of being to a particular intent and then the thoughts that form in me (some may even call these thoughts living beings and that may be true) are a match to my developed vibration and intent. We can’t specifically “have a particular thought” (try it if you don’t believe me), but we can control the vibration which is tuning in thoughts, and since it is well known and scientifically provable that the propensity of our thoughts determines our experience, we can thusly have a selecting effect on our reality experience.

So what do you mean by “there is no [intent] without [thought]?”
How do you arrive at the statement that thought precedes intent mark?
By what physical or psychological process does that happen?
What is the sequence of stimuli and response in a human for that pattern to occur?
I am happy to accept a #SocraticDialog treatment of that in any system of thinking you choose … submodalities might be  a good system we share knowledge of.  

Mark de LA says
While GW & RS have emphasized thought-feeling-will as the domain of most conscious behavior, GW has published that it is all ONE.  Just because one analyzes ( the process of separating intellectually the elements out of the phenomena) no more makes them separate than saying that a piece of cake (or any of the words in my sentence) are a mere assemblage  flour sugar milk & chocolate xor a word such as “shit” is merely the combination of “s”, “h”, “i” & a “t” . null

Si says
Okay. I am comfortable with the statement that thought-feeling-will is a full and complete process. In what we were talking about elsewhere on this page that still fits. We were using the word thought as the label for this process, whatever makes it up, and talking about another concept we are labeling “intent” which is separate from thought, feeling, or will.

Mark de LA says
I always used to chide Seth for the use of “WE” when he meant “I” the term #birdie applies null

Mark de LA says
The word intent is multi faceted piece of will (xor action) (1.2 synonyms extant.

Si says
“We” both used the words “thought” and “intent” and apparently in the same way and context in our respective comments above … so it seems to me using the pronoun “we” is quite appropriate here and now.

Si says
Okay. I clearly defined what I mean by intent and what it actually is above … so that you do have a clear idea of what I am talking about.  

It is not clear to me if you are stating this powertheasarus definition as the one you are using when you write intent, or if you are just throwing it out there as one way some people define intent. In any case, the way I define it is above where, among additional qualifiers, I state that “Intent is like to a vibration that is held in state of being which draws sequences of thought with similar vibration”.

I am prolific like this so you my friend can be sure to know exactly what I mean. Very #SocraticMethod of me I think.

Mark de LA says
… doesn’t change the fact that you tried to insert another thing that already exists in the thought-feeling-will triad that is already there.  Anyway I am #done here … got other “s”-”h”-”i”-”t” to do than extend the #AlreadyAlwaysArguing with you on this point. null

Si says
Seemed to me we were having good #SocraticDialog, narrowing down the communication matrix and cleaning up inconsistencies, until you just threw that shit (the #AlreadyAlwaysArguing one) in the last comment my way.

Mark de LA says

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