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Si says
Looks like one of the many new #LOA based sites that are coming online now in this verse.




are all straight out of the #LOA handbook, nearly word for word.  

… also goes to show how you in particular mark have been steadily shifting your setpoint verse. You are not aware enough of your own vibration to be conscious of this process yet … but I have noticed it happening.  

Mark de LA says
It is better if you talk about YOURSELF then you would be more accurate.  I posted this as a suggestion for YOU since it appears that is the direction you seem to be interested in. As a model beyond text & twitter it is interesting, only.  I couldn’t find out what their “manifesto” is since all the link did was ask again (repeatedly) for my email. 

Si says
Yes, I appreciate and agree with your reasons for posting … and my assessment falls right in line.  

What’s wrong with talking about you? It’s a perfectly natural thing to do. It is how I form the version of you I experience in my reality … which is different from the versions others form and the version you form for yourself. By talking about my version I generate clarity in all aspects that I know to be you … it’s a good thing.

You are an infinite number of beings living an infinite number of lives. You could appreciate receiving the clarity from me about the version I experience. It would enhance your overall personal awareness of the greater aspects of yourself.

Mark de LA says
Because it is simply gossip! → (*) – you are NOT my therapist, guru, xor confessor. I am the more conscious of whatever is going on with myself & have been for a lot longer than YOU have been alive!
I do value your technical skills & new ideas but you should be aware that their value to me may be different than their value to you. null

Mark de LA says
The continue & loose edits seems reversed on this item for my ID when I press the “reply on this thread” button.
What would have been more interesting would have been had you found their manifesto.

Si says
I agree I am “NOT my therapist, guru, xor confessor.” … I would have no use for any of those for myself, or expect them for you either. Those things are for the unaware … those who don’t understand how reality works … troglodytes.

You do have a lot of awareness about the version of yourself you are choosing to identify with. You have very little awareness of any of the other versions of yourself … primarily because of beliefs you have about those other versions and if they exist.

I have much looser belief structures in this area and due to such have a greater awareness of quite a few versions of you … and especially the one I identify with. I don’t see anything wrong with talking about what I am aware of. That you think it is some kind of guruing of you is just your way of looking at things and not true from my perspective … I take it with a grain of salt. I am not your guru … be your own guru and then you won’t be looking at things others do as trying to guru you.

Si says
Yes, that is quite interesting as I have not changed anything in that area and it is not that way on my development server … but I see that it is reversed here. #hmmm 

I can’t browse the voice site because they are too heavily laden in images and moving gaphics … suck my bandwidth dry! Also, I find manifesto’s rather boring anyway. People who attempt to tie their reality down to such a degree are bucking the current of life. Better to be what you are now, to the best of your ability, than to try and spread yourself out along the timeline with manifesto’s and such … just waters down the best you can be.  

Mark de LA says
#truebelievers such as those in scientology & Abraham etc & even Rudolf Steiner are hard to resist except for me – I resist them.
I am trying it out on M$Edge & it is a bit weird still.

Si says
By not resisting I end up finding what is in common and easily progressing with the flow of the world.

Resisting tends to keep one contained in an artificial box. The world changes, there is never a need to resist what one perceives … for that perception is of exactly what one has created and best placed to help one move along with all that is.  

Resisting is also the primary cause of aging in humans.

Si says
Reversal reversed when not going forward … #done

Good match to the conversation at large too! (as always … since #LOA is undeniable  Oh one can deny and resist it … but one cannot escape it any more than one can escape gravity. )

Mark de LA says
One sooner or later chooses a path in one’s own journey. Both choices resisting & not resisting are usually thought of as mutually exclusive.  If you can take both at once enjoy! Perhaps resisisting (what you resist, persists!) was a poor choice of words for you to understand. I just choose otherwise than those who hypnotize themselves into beliefs & then try to spread them.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Si says
It appears to me, by reading your own words, that you have very well defined beliefs. What you appear to resist is talking about those beliefs. You brandish the consistent effect of them liberally, but won’t allow yourself to be tied down in words to what they are.

Getting rid of beliefs is very different from not talking about beliefs. When one is free of beliefs there is little resistance in one to anything at all. The only thing that can create friction in a human is a belief.

Mark de LA says
.. so that is what you believe – null

Si says
That is what I experience. I don’t tend to have many beliefs except the 4 basic ones about reality. The rest of what I talk about is the consistent points in my experience right now … and those change quite a bit over time.

As I have said before, everything I know about #LOA is always changing, and I even expect #LOA itself to evolve into something else, probably even in my lifetime. I am having an experience … it is called Life, or reality, and the elements of it are always and only now. Each now is different. That is not a belief, it is a reporting of what I am experiencing.

Si says
You, on the other hand, tend to have lots of beliefs, as I observe.

i.e. points of reference upon which you accept, or reject, what you experience. Those are beliefs.

Mark de LA says
Like I say YOU may be more accurate when you talk about YOURSELF! A belief is just a feeling about what something is or means….  seems to be the meat of most of your posting! Anyway the rest of this is off topic as far as I am concerned – #CULater 

Si says
Yes, exactly! That is only what I do. I talk about myself, my experience, what I perceive, what I know. I don’t talk about your experience over there, what you think you know, how you see things, that’s your business. I talk about my experience, including my experience of you, how I see you, what I see you doing … which is all just another aspect of my experience, my observation.

Mark de LA says
Interesting (comment 83894) ← you talk about me.null

Si says
“You have lots of beliefs, as I observe

I even go so far in that one to say that it is “my observation”. The indicators are there. I know what beliefs look like on the outside. I am observing that you demonstrate having lots of beliefs. I also know that I have elicited you to state or talk about these beliefs many many times and you always don’t.

This is my observation about you. I don’t say “you are bla bla bla in your own reality”. That’s your business. I know what I observe and I speak about it. That is good solid communication. That is me staying in my business about the version of you I am experiencing and giving you good feedback about my experience of that version.

Mark de LA says
Your #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & #RWG persists no matter what kind of clothes you put on it. null

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