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Googled dc adapters

Went to
where i hand to register, and then did a search to find Cui Inc

Called for customer support at CUI Inc, who refered me to

Catalog pages

Online chat with dgi-key supporti :
Your request is being processed. A representative will be with you momentarily.
Chat InformationYour Digi-Key representative for this Live-Help session is Pete ext. 2058.
Pete ext. 2058: Welcome to Digi-Key Live-Help. How may I assist you?
Seth Russell: im looking for a dc adapter, 9v, 200ma
Pete ext. 2058: Ok, Can you hold while I do some research?
Seth Russell: the cust support at cui inc said the part number might be dtd090020
Seth Russell: positive polarity
Pete ext. 2058: Are you looking for a transformer or a AC/DC
Seth Russell: ac/dc
Pete ext. 2058: Or a wall transformer
Seth Russell: plug into standard wall outlet, and then use to go into the hand held devise that we sll
Seth Russell: sell
Pete ext. 2058: Ok
Pete ext. 2058: Do you need a male or female to plug into your device?
Seth Russell: i guess its female, is there some place that i can show you the plug that works
Pete ext. 2058: Here is the link for the 2.1 which is a standard that we carry
Pete ext. 2058: Click on the writing above
Seth Russell: ok im going there now
Seth Russell: that looks like the one, but are there not several sizes?
Seth Russell: the none i need is, i think, the smallest
Pete ext. 2058: There are two, 2.1 and 2.5 but the outside dimensions are the sime, also there are different barrel sizes either 9.5mm or a 12.5mm longer plug(barrel)
Seth Russell: hmmm ... so how do i find the one that will fit?
Seth Russell: i have a universal adapeter from coby
Seth Russell: it has four plugs
Seth Russell: the one that fits is the one that is the smallest in diameter
Pete ext. 2058: I think that will be the 2.1mm
Pete ext. 2058: We do have a 30 day return policy.
Seth Russell: so i could purchase one adapter to test ?
Seth Russell: where is the product page that describes the adapter that you are recommending?
Pete ext. 2058: You could buy an adapter CP-004A-nd to make sure, that is the plug I had you take a look at, or you could but this power supply, which has the adapter on in part number T415-P5P-ND
Pete ext. 2058: The adapter is page 304 and the power supply is on page 1650 of our current catalog T061
Seth Russell: dont have your catalog, i am on your website
Pete ext. 2058: Click on this link to go to the individual pages
Pete ext. 2058: of our new catalog
Pete ext. 2058: on page 304 you will want to look at figure 40. and on page 1650 is the information and to view a picture look at page 1651, figure 2.
Seth Russell: ok im looking now .. just a second
Pete ext. 2058: ok

Denise tried a different tac.  She called who refered her to
Westlake Electronic Supply which is close to us here in Renton.  Called on the phone and am going there to find out.


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Seth says
Mark 2006-01-21 10:25:32 2519
I reach down in my drawer of extra cables and stuff, connectors & computer cards & I bring up a 9v treansformer - isn't that what you want. Don't most of them have the same size fittings ? This doesn't seem like a rare item. Mine happenedto be a U.S. Robotiics modem cable, for a 56k baud modem. I'm sure you have a lot of those. What's special about yours ?

I get them for this product and i need hundreds of them ... not something that i can go to the junk pile for.  So, just for the record, now i get them from "All Electronics".

Seth says
mark 2006-01-17 12:58:48 2519
Or you could probably go to your local Radio Shack
been there, done that.  prob is we need a 9 volt and not a variable voltage one, and we need it in wholesale lots.

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