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Thinking about yourself as a willing and on-purpose shero gives you a mental framework that lightens your total vibration. It allows you to conceive of and accept the deeper/truer challenges beneath a “problem” - to indeed bless it by playing with it and truly accepting the total depths of the situation.  It imbues your daily vibration with elements of “let’s do this” instead of “why me?” and “bring it, dragon” instead of “fuck my life.”

This week we explore how to have a “let’s DO this” attitude with our obvious and more secret teachers and co-dancers.


Week 2 Homework CheckList

is to see how creatively and ferociously grateful you can get this week together.  Pam Grout suggests texting each other three NEW things you’re grateful for each day.  How else can you bump up your gladness? See how often you can do the 1,2,3 in your journal and notice what it does to your sense of awareness and joy.  Celebrate, Clear, Get into the Dream waters. Pretend like you’ve never met a human and you have no idea why they are here or what to do with one. Get innocent. Get curious. Get playful. And practice with this week’s tools to clear your judgey habits so you may glimpse the world’s real heart and in that glimpse become the world’s heart.


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