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Bonus Two: how to shift stuck beliefs and vibe up via focus wheel.

April 4, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

It’s a pleasure for me to get to tell you about some of the stellar qualities of Miss Frankie Blue Kinsey-Royer. I have known her in personal and professional environments over the past five years, and I’ve gotten to witness her growth from a shy pre-teen into the rockin’ young woman she now is.

One of the most obvious admirable qualities of Frankie’s is her artistic talent. Any creative endeavor benefits from her simple and elegant style, with a practiced and raw talent that leaves my jaw hanging every time she lets me look through her notebook. I’m impressed with the way she has gone from having uncontrollable/unplanned artistic bursts to being able to sit at a portrait booth at an event and knock out incredible portrait after incredible portrait. 

A subtler and even more stunning quality of Frankie’s is her honesty and integrity. She won’t let something uncomfortable or untrue lay murkily beneath the surface. She will, with grace and kindness, point out things that may be politically incorrect or unjust or narrow-minded, and keep an entire situation in shining integrity. She has also been raised to give her true answers about what she is willing to take on, personally, which has allowed me to trust her that when she says she will do something, she really means it.

Frankie is very used to being in multi-generational groups where small children have a voice as much as the oldest man. She has participated in countless facilitated group meetings, ranging from practical projects to emotionally-driven conversations. I love the way she can be very quiet and take something in fully, and how when she speaks it is genuine and very thoughtful and contributes something new to the conversation.

I think Frankie is perfectly ready to join a team dedicated to performance, to be counted upon, and to surprise and enhance a team with her artistry, integrity, and eloquence. 

Hannah Lee Hoffman

Librarian of Dust
HoneyLa Community Art Space
Celo, North Carolina


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