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Happy Monday my friend

In a few days Hay House kicks off their 2018 Online World Summit with 100 free interviews from legends such as Esther Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, and 93 other "greats." I’m also a presenter (Whooohoo!) and I’ll be sharing my 7 steps to help you leverage the Universe and engage life’s magic. Last year’s summit had over 500,000 people tune in, IT’S THAT GOOD!

If you register for the summit today, you can watch a cool bonus interview from Deepak about the pillars of health, identity, and consciousness (it will be removed next week). He talks about 6 secrets to great health based on decades of scientific research, and my favorite part... it ends with a powerful exercise to help you tune in to your higher, inner-self.

my friend, guaranteed, you’ll hear something that will change your life.

This is my #1 recommendation this year for keeping your vibes high, beliefs in check, and creativity soaring!

Register now for the 100-interview + 15-movie FREE Summit!

Enjoy my friend, and lots of love -  
P.S. The free movies this year look inspiring: More Than You See with Esther Hicks, Painting the Future with Louise Hay, Who Is Asking "Who Am I" with Deepak Chopra & Eckhart Tolle, and 12 more that look just as good.

P.P.S. If you already know, like I do, that you want to own all the interviews,order them today and you’ll save $50, plus get other cool freebies!
Hay House World Summit 2017
Watch this video for a glimpse of what’s to come at the summit!
Let’s devote a month to learning, growing, and living to the fullest!
100 Interviews from 100 Legends Starts Soon
Esther Hicks
The Evolution of the Law
of Attraction
Mike Dooley
Leveraging the Universe:
7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic
Miranda Kerr
Building Self-Confidence
from Within
Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Presence
Louise Hay
Subliminal Affirmations
to Heal You
Marianne Williamson
Wisdom from "A Course
in Miracles"
Neale Donald Walsch
The 25 Core Messages of "Conversations with God"
Don Miguel Ruiz
The New Agreements
Brendon Burchard
The Secrets to Motivation
and Achievement
Lorna Byrne
How Our Guardian Angels
ο»ΏHelp Us
And many, many, many more!


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Si says
The #LOA movement is not a bunch of crackpots, or cults, or shouting leaders mark … it is real people who understand, channel, and pioneer real knowledge about who and what and why we are and share that knowledge with others in an open and authentic synergy of individuals. True Common Logic!


Mark de LA says
#SoUSay .. Deepak Chopra is about the only one with a minimum of #pellic .. I can watch tons of these speakers for free on YouTube, Gaia & others – too much Hicks & Tolle & I wasted about $300 on Goldman & his hypnosis (Silva stuff) years back.

Si says
It’s not their fault that you are not making the connections between all these teachers and what they teach and doing what they teach in your life and reaping the rewards. None of this will ever be useful to someone who only mentally evaluates what is offered. One has to do to achieve.
… and if I remember right, you mentally evaluated Goldman to be just hypnosis, before you actually achieved any experience of travel in the multiverses. You will get to the endpoint of exactly what is claimed with any of these teachers, if you only stick to it. When you mind-bail out before you get there, who is to blame? The teachers? Really?

This community of people IS a true synergy of individuals pioneering vast leaps in the understanding and quality of the life experience and generously sharing that knowledge with others without pushing it on anyone … and what they teach has been spreading to millions world wide … the 500 thousand mentioned attending last years summit are only the few who were able to attend, and knew about it (I was one who didn’t know about it) … the actual practices of these collected 100 reach many millions and a good sized chunk of them make it to real change in their own lives.

THIS is the future … not Donald Trump, not Rush Limbaugh, or anything like it … and not #RS’s specific template of the #ThreefoldCommonwealth either (the time period where the #ThreefoldCommonwealth could have happened in this trunk branch of the Multiverse is long past).  Mark my words here … you will see in time, weather you join on the leading edge or not … no one is going to make you! You either want to be there, or you don’t.  

It isn’t about what you have to do, what you planned to do, or what you should do. It is all, and always, only about what you really want to do … what inspires you … what excites you. That is the whole point of life, the universe, and everything, and all that will ever matter. πŸ€˜

Mark de LA says
#SoUSay  again & again …. etc …. null over & over … etc.

Si says
Exactly! Anything really worth saying is worth repeating, and enjoying, and savoring, and loving to find sympathy and harmony with.

Si says
Yep, your prolly right mark. The words Common Logic don’t ideally describe or relate to “a synergy of individuals” anyway. There is very little that is logical about cooperative individuals working together … when individuals work well together in creative synergy, it is due to like vibration, deliberately tuned or natural, and open intuitive communication channels, not logically structured communication – which almost always creates rwg and friction, not synergy.

What always interested me in the logo is “A synergy of individuals” … and that too is what the 100 above represent. It is leading-edge and uncommon, not common, and is not logical.

So since you seem quite set on it anyway … better to let the term die out. Good dialog in any case!

#PS not to mention that the logo is a near exact line photo of Ahriman. Never did know what to do with that creepy aspect!

Mark de LA says
That’s cuz you did not ever understand it because your inner voice was too loud with Ego.
Interesting (ming tzu) in today’s throw: http://icybermind.net/media/hexscans/hexagram13-CHUNG%20VOO/2611.jpg

Si says
I don’t know if that statement is true or not. It’s just a non-content slam. What I provided above are details why the term is not such a good fit. All you are providing is a word soup insult, no insight, no details. I understand what I say I understand, what I provide details about. Maybe I would understand more things, if details were more effective.

Should your link to icybermind.net above work? It goes to a missing page for me. Is it just a typo or is something missing at the site that could be fixed?

Mark de LA says
Eventually the media files could be put where they used to be; relatively speaking.  I have lots of links to more Yi King commentary pages than Breck provided at homestead.

Si says
#hmmm … okay, that’s right. We didn’t put the media files up because of bandwidth issues. I actually have a new phone with a new carrier coming today. It will give me greatly enhanced bandwidth, enough to upload those images I suspect!

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
I know how the logo was constructed – I did it – I know what it means. Anything you claim it represents that is not in alignment with the way I designed is just crap!

Si says
Well, I am not the one who said that first. I think Elaine did. It is very very clear though. Anyone can easily see it. Simply look at the dark o’s as eyes and the point at the top of the circles as the tip of the pointy chin … the rest, including horns, and a beard, falls into place easily and once seen, is very hard to forget.

Compare it to a picture of the Ahriman head Lote carved. They are uncannily close.

Intention is only part of what goes into a manifestation. The whole of a manifestation always represents the preponderance of one’s thoughts. Even if you, and I, have much more awareness now of the preponderance of what we are thinking, virtually none of us did back in the 70’s and 80’s. It would be nearly impossible to re-create the exact thoughts you were having, even if you still remember the intentions.

Mark de LA says
Elaine had nothing to do with the logo – I did it all myself w/some help from printer.

Si says
That’s what I thought too. But it was Elaine, with her discerning artists eye, who saw the face in it when she first saw it … that is what I remember her telling all of us … even you, when we were all together in LA.

… and when she said that, I understood the weirdness I had been feeling when I looked at it. Her vision cleared that up for me.

Mark de LA says
That’s you folk’s story – #fake-info – just an I’m right argument – has nothing to do with the design of the logo nor what I put into it.null

Mark de LA says
You can see anything you want some days in the sky – somedays it is your own reflection.

Si says
I never said you “put” Ahriman into the logo. I am sure it is true to the logic of your intent and design. However, for whatever reason, it does also have a very distinct face in it. Anyone can see that sans them deliberately ignoring it.

Everything that happens does happen because it is the preponderance of thought, individual or collective thought. But preponderance of thought is not easily known without very specific training and subsequent practice. Sometimes things just end up there regardless of intention. There is a face there, without doubt. Test that on others if you still don’t see it … and the proportions and lines of the face match the carving Lote made of Ahriman. These are simple facts.

Mark de LA says
The reflection of your own thinking = Ahriman – not the logo.

Si says
Yes, my thinking does enable what I see. That is true, even as you say it above.

And at the same time, there is what we all would see similar, as humans in this culture. And that is the face I am describing. Very easy to see. Very clear. Not an ink blot, just common visual cues a human can see and recognize as the elements and perspective of a face.

I just tested that on several people, and a 8 year old, all who never saw it before and had no knowledge of where it came from or anything else about it. I only asked “do you see a face?” … nothing else. They each said yes, I asked where, they pointed to all the parts same as I, and Elaine, and I even remember Seth and Virgin, see the common elements of a face. Now the horns are a bit of a stretch. It’s the points of the M and most people are describing those as big eyebrows that are pointed, as in a stern look or frown. But the face is there, no doubt a human can recognize it … and it has the same lines and proportions as the Ahriman head carving. There is no doubt about this.

Mark de LA says
Yep, you can see anything – your mind & reflections see what you are attracted to – yep, Ahriman!

Si says
Humans can also ignore anything as well … even when it is right in front of them, like a shaker of salt. It’s called a scotoma in medical journals. Bandler and Grinder talked of it often.

When everyone else can see something, and one cannot, what is that to you?

Mark de LA says
It’s you making shit up – #FakeInfo ….
Your #FakeInfo has nothing to do with me - it is mostly your mind stroking itself!

Si says
I made none of this up and I am not the first to see it. Do your own research and ask Elaine yourself!

Si says
#PS … you are the one who stakes your reality on the opinions of others and shared reality. Not me. Here you are the one completely ignoring shared reality. Which one is it?

Mark de LA says
none of that crawls up to the level of qliphoth – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qliphoth

Si says
Okay, whatever. I actually don’t mind you creating your own separate reality to perceive in. I think that is the experience of everyone and sometimes we synchronize some common perceptions as if they represent a common outside space. My irkment is that you don’t believe that and yet are not playing by your own rules you believe in … but that’s okay … I can easily get over that.  

I am quite comfortable with reality experiences not in agreement.

Mark de LA says
#SamoSamo – you still trying to roll that turd up your hill:

Si says
Well yea … you have built a huge pile of it that you sit smugly on the top of. I agree trying to roll things up it is pretty much futile. I think what you don’t get is that it is not always about you and your immutable hill … there are other reasons for doing what we do.

Si says
I uploaded the media files mark .

The above “photo of a written spell” is now visible again.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says


Mark de LA says
Something doesn’t work right just yet, I loaded the link above which does work as a separate media file by recreating it as a jpg as any jpeg.   the media file should be addressable as …./media/hexscans/ …..something 
the one above worked before you moved something somewhere.

Mark de LA says
The hexes s/b addressible http://icybermind.net/media/hexscans/

Si says
There is no 2635. Here is a directory listing of the actual and full content I downloaded from inmotion.

As you can see, hexagram13 has no 2635 image in it. All the images there seem to work fine. This is an exact copy of inmotion not modified by me in any way. Are you sure your of your numbers?

Mark de LA says
So what is the url for say 2526.jpg that I could use right here? 

Si says

Seems to work fine and should be exactly as it was before.

Mark de LA says
I should be able to get an index listing by typing in  http://icybermind.net/media/hexscans/

Si says
Well, that would have been true at icybermind. But for security reasons, github websites do not have directory listings turned-on for their server. Most websites sites do not.

Si says
Well, that would have been true at inmotion. But for security reasons, github websites do not have directory listings turned-on for their server. Most websites sites do not.

Mark de LA says
OK well what is the url to reference a single one like 2526.jpg ?

Si says
Exactly what I put above. The url is:


Why is that not what you are asking for?

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
http://icybermind.net/media/hexscans/hexagram7-BOO WHANG/2746.jpg    
   ← testing

on re-editing the link doesn’t seem to work (ok left out the %20) 

Si says
Appearently, at github pages, you can DIY for directory listings with a python script.

See:  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39048654/how-to-enable-directory-indexing-on-github-pages

Si says
Appearently, at github pages, you can DIY for directory listings with a python script.

See:  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39048654/how-to-enable-directory-indexing-on-github-pages

Si says
You have to hit space at the end of a URL to make it a URL … also, sometimes, you need a space at the left too. This has always been the case with our RTE.

Mark de LA says
OK that works except the link doesn’t happen as with most long ones – is there a fix for that some day soon?

Mark de LA says

Si says
The fix is simply hit space at the end. And if that didn’t do it (rare), add a space at the front and then move the cursor to the end and hit space. That has always worked for me … it’s how the ckeditor works … not my code or it would work better.

Mark de LA says
I tried some of the other hexes & links in group choy & they worked null thanks .. null
There were some large files which were used to make concordances of things like Obmacare bill etc.  are they still there ?

Si says
If your talking about the ReidBill stuff under Desktop Text Data then yes. I uploaded everything that was at inmotion.

All you have to do is get clone your own repo and you can have all of that on your own computer and see the directories and file names and everything. It is super easy with git. And you can even use github’s gui for that if you want … git gui apps are always more cumbersome to use than the simple command line … but some people are allergic to command lines. null

You can also just browse the source in your own github repo online too ... to see what is there. Since you are using gethub to archive your code and data, you have a plethora of options available to access and manage it all … you are not reliant on me … and we can even fork it and it is all under version control too! It is a much bigger ballgame than just having a website, like you did at inmotion.

Mark de LA says
Yeah, we discussed the stuff as being too large to transfer in the first place & I said it was not needed.  But, OK – I will thread the maze & delete it.  I hope eventually, when paying for it that it is not adding extra $$ to the bill.

Si says
That was for a GCloud app that those files were too big. They are not too big for a github repo. Different things.

Your not paying for Github … you have the free account because you are open source. So what do you mean exactly? Paying me?

Mark de LA says
just what google requires.

Si says
Well, Google has nothing to do with github in this respect. Perhaps you were just mixing up hosting sites? The Google footprint has not changed. Everything uploaded in this squirt was to github. When you decided to have icybermind hosted at github the GCloud app implementation went away. We talked about that specifically, both during the decision points, and afterward.

Yes, you see, you believe critical thinking and memory are important and valuable … therefore, I hold you to it diligently. I don’t cut you any slack. 

I hold all people to what they believe and don’t give them any slack … unless, like my tribe members, a person believes that life is mutable and perfect as it is and that slack is good. Then we hold each other to that and live amazing lives. There is nothing except what you believe … that is all there is, no matter what you believe, there you are!  

Mark de LA says
Yep, I am less familiar with what you are doing than what I am doing. Nevertheless at the time I remember telling you that one set of data was not needed any longer & need not be moved … anyway not to worry.  #done

Si says
“need not be moved” is not the same as “do not move”, which you did not say. Need not implies do what is easiest … which I did. Uploading it AS IS was easier than putting out the effort to prune it and perhaps even prune it wrongly. I did exactly as requested and moved “as the need dictated”.

However, you gave fluffy instructions and assumed about them. Not very critical in your thinking, as I said.  

I am not at all this technical and exact (critical) with anyone else I interact with. Just you. Because, you believe these things are “righteous”. I don’t treat people how they want to be treated or how I want to be treated, I treat people according to how they believe the world is best.

Mark de LA says
You missed the part where I said #done !

Si says
Just because you are #done does not mean I am #done. For an transaction to be complete, both parties must sign of on it, or it is not a transaction.

Mark de LA says
XOR #nope !

Si says
Wishing away the normalcy of interaction with others does not make it so. Unless you believe that you unconditionally create your own individual reality, but of course you don’t.

Your stuck with what you believe, like it or not.

Mark de LA says
Your biography channel is binging out on the story of “How I’m Right & have everything figured out for others” story.  Someday you will learn how to flip the channel & maybe, guess what?, find out that nobody else cares about your story & even later you will find out that you don’t either! Good Luck! null 

Si says
Well, that is the opposite of what I am finding out. My story is often accepted, appreciated, and evolving rapidly. The only exception to this seems to be people with “stuck stores”. People who got in a loop about what reality is a long time ago and just keep cycling there thinking reality is the same thing for the rest of their lives. Many people are very open to an evolving reality. A few are not.

As I said before … I don’t have it all figured out and I am glad of that or there would be nothing left to imagine! I love that life keeps becoming new, with new experiences, and new challenges, and new understandings. I love that we are not uncovering some fixed and complete reality, but literally creating reality, all of us, as we go along. I love that the #LOA is just a snapshot of our current understanding and will someday, probably rather soon, be superseded, and then superseded again, and again, forever onward.

I don’t have it all figured out and I don’t know everything. I only know some things that you stopped trying to know so it makes it seem like I think I know more than you. I actually do know more than you, especially about the nature of reality, because I am desiring to know more and daring enough to let go of what I knew before in order for it to be replaced by new, and evolving, knowledge. That’s the only difference.

The simple test is, “hows that working out for you?” Seems to me that you are one of those just cycling in an old system you stopped evolving, more than micro-incrementally, quite a few years ago. What have you learned that has radically changed the reality experience you are having lately? Does that happen often? It does for me. Therefore, I know I am still evolving and didn’t stop rapidly evolving once my 30 something years were over.

At what age was the last time you had a wallaby? If you are evolving, they should be happening quite often.

Mark de LA says
had one today again – you would just contradict it with your usual story though so enjoy the vacuum. … again your #ageism shit stinks!

Si says
If ageism “shit” stinks, then good advice would be to stop putting your nose in it!

Seriously, what’s your beef with your age? You afraid of dieing or something? Age is age and many people feel compelled to play a role based on their age … and that’s my only point. And you seem well entrenched, by what you write to us out here, in a role common to your age.

If that’s not the case, then why don’t you stop broadcasting the vibration of that role? Why mis-represent yourself?

Mark de LA says
That is YOUR problem not mine.  Look at how many times you mention age, or old etc in your contra-posting to mine & justification for your biography channel binging on the “i’m right” theme.

Si says
True … my experience is mine to have.  

The only person I speak about age to at all is you. No one else. That says something … that response is an indicator of the vibration you hold on the subject. I can only respond to your vibration. And the fact that it irks you is also an indicator of your vibration on the subject.

Mark de LA says
That’s because it is YOUR vibration you are always talking about telling your same old story – not mine. You think your vibration is some one else’s  – what a joke!

Si says
Like I said. This is something “only you” draw out of me. It is an indicator of your vibration, no one else’s. I am a highly responsive element in people’s reality. Everyone responds to the vibration of others in one way or another. I often respond quite directly, and without my own addition. It is something I am extremely good at, for one reason or another. A rather large number of people have noticed this and made me aware of it, even you at times.

So again, this “same old story” you talk about, is what you are drawing … it is an indicator of your vibration. If it were my vibration, then it would be projected on most I interact with, and it is not, just you. It is yours to change. Yours to be responsible for. It matters not to me. I simply let you tune the dial and give you what is on that station. You are the one setting the dial.

Mark de LA says
Good vibes, bad vibes who knows, who cares whatever you are attracting by your own words is what you are getting ….. null

Si says
Yes. I will never deny that. True words. I am happy with what I am getting. Your the one cycling on thoughts about “same old story” and all the rest you continuously cycle on with my words.

As I said, proof is “How’s that working out for you?”

… apparently, by your responses to me, and your all posts posts about dissatisfying things, and your  dissatisfied words of response to many things … “not so well”. Just saying.

Mark de LA says
You are the one complaining .  I don’t go by your crap to measure how I am doing.

Si says
Yes I noticed. So how is [your measuring stick] working out for you?
Getting the results you want?

… do you even know what results you want?

Mark de LA says
There is no measurement stick to measure the “how is it working out for me?” amorphism, but I suspect you are going to argue about it anyway. null

Si says
You seem to have the idea that giving you information which could tip the carefully tended balance of your reality matrix is called “arguing”. null

And anyway, it is a very simple question. If an answer is not promptly forthcoming, then some part of you doesn’t really want to hear it.

Mark de LA says
XOR I may just be sick of your bullshit! null
XOR a hundred other “reasons” & explanations .

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