RFC - Common Logic™

Can’t find any concrete common logic at the renowned FBI!

Respectfully – Request For Commentary/Content – Common Logic™ 

I know I have seen an image of the business card somewhere, but it does not seem to be tagged with common logic or any variant such as #CommonLogic and no swoonable page about the grand plan and ideal of Common Logic™ to be found anywhere!

Only lots of spurious comments (spurts?) about Common Logic™ as turn up in a search for it.

Thanks mark!

#ps Found one of the logos over on G+ 


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Mark de LA says
Maybe invent your own name for your stuff instead of using what already existed & has a different perspective & purpose!

Si says
If you think Common Logic™ is something specific, then get off your duff and make it so!

… and then, I will, as true to the nature of a “synergy of individuals”, synergize and integrate with it … and so will you … that’s what it is all about (or else not and you should make that clear).

If you just want Common Logic™ to be a spurt of semen on a wall, then continue as you have been … and please shut up about it.

You have no right to claim anything about it, including name, if you are not willing to put up the backbone, and put out the energy, to own it as a concept! Sorry to be so harsh, but it is true! It’s pathetic what I have found here regarding it. You should be ashamed! null

Mark de LA says
I prefer that you make your own Island & leave Common logic to what it IS & was.

Si says
And what is that? Where is it written?

Si says
I prefer that you don’t Polyanna about what I should be doing … go do it.

I believe you to be a member of this group. You are very welcome to edit this thought in the spirit of Wikipedia to be the truth you want to share. Please do!

Mark de LA says
Probably in the old Amiga up in storage. Anyway make your own shit up.  Form some of that attraction & get it from somebody else who likes your stuff.  One thingy I wrote in ‘84 was that projects must have the ends & the means be true, beautiful & good in order to be a part of the Common Logic I was the president of.  You rejected that then. 

Si says
And #ps … if you take difference with #TCL #TrueCommonLogic then let me know what you really think right there!  

Mark de LA says
I don’t polyanna anything that’s your schtick – Mary Poppins!

Si says

Si says
I don’t remember rejecting anything.

”projects must have the ends & the means be true, beautiful & good in order to be a part of the Common Logic” … sounds like a good fit for the 100 at Hay House.  Each one of them that I personally know or know about teach truth, beauty, and good and each of those points is verifiable by examining the actual results of their influence in the world … they are each well respected and successful.

#PS Everything anyone puts propensity of thought into eventually comes to BE (and you and others certainly put lots of propensity of thought into #CL) … but many don’t notice something when it does happen because their current propensity of thought is focused on the lack of it having happened and that is all their internal filters will ever alow them to observe and experience. I am only pointing out that the essence of #CommonLogic is in fact alive and well and happening … it’s not my island and I didn’t create it … it’s simply there for all to see and join and experience.

Do you still have the written business prospective? Shouldn’t it contain a useful amount of text to preserve and kickstart a #CommonLogic swoon page? Zap them to electronic and post them here.  Start a new group maybe.

Mark de LA says
It was at the Board meeting in 1984 that you did not like the ends justifies the means & vias versa after I combined them both together.  Common Logic is #done just like the G.’.B.’.G.’.  – Try some other name. The name, Common Logic Inc. is already used by some insurance company or something.

Si says
I beg to differ. Polyanna refused to see anything except the good in what delighted her to experience until it became her experience. You refuse to see the anything except the lack in what irks you experience until the essence of that lack becomes your experience.

… it’s the same obstinate pattern of applied thought and allowing ... resulting in what is experienced.

… most have much more versatile and random patterns than the Polyanna pattern.

Si says
If it is done then you have no say or care about it … and I might as well do whatever I wish with it. If it is not done, then you can easily give it flesh to experience the physical edge of the world with and it will become and thrive. There are many entities with same names, that means nothing. Those are the facts … all else is just spinning mental stuff and I care to deal with reality, not notions.

Si says
Sounds like some interpretation of your own, from the propensity of your thoughts at that time and you projected on me, that you now remember in some parts.

… I was never, at that time in my life, so sure and adamant about anything as you purport about it here. I just kept “doing something” until it was finally clear that you weren’t going to “do anything” and I finally moved on. Life happened, you were standing still.

Mark de LA says
Too bad you have no imagination of your ow.! Phooey!

Si says
Sticks and stones, sir. Sticks and sones.

… I am the one with the imagination to see #CommonLogic alive and well. I am the one to make the connections and find the growing pockets of it thriving here and now. I am the one to imagine what “a synergy of individuals” looks like now ... and notice it. Try that on for imagination ... and feel the essence of what it is like!

All you seem to have been imagining, for many years, is it’s end! You seem to be asking to let-it-die in peace! Shall I follow you to the edge of it’s grave and mourn for it beside you? Standing behind your imagining?  Or, shall I evolve it into opulent beingness, spoken by name between nerds of all races, known throughout the realms to label the binding and synergizing force wedding logic and cooperation? … By utilizing my clarity of evolutionary imagination, skilled and focused visualization, and buoyancy of life-affirming vibration?

Either outcome, is only a few magical thoughts away.  

You sir, can infuse it forever with the essence you birthed into it … right here, right now. Or you can write it off, refuse this moment of it’s life striving force and essence of being, and imprison it in a casket of your thoughts ... knowing not of it’s life beyond your fathering.

Mark de LA says
I suspect Seth would not agree with you either. Can’t find a name of your own – too bad. 
Test yourself:

Si says
Agreement is not a test for the value of an idea … quality and quantity of imagination is! And the final test is beingness.

Agreement is a test for the vibrational similarity of thoughts, that is all.

Mark de LA says
XOR#your words merge & dissolve into #jibberish!

Si says
The thing about jibberish is that it is in the ear of the beholder.

I speak jibberish to Darcy (age 8) quite often, several times a day. To most in the house it is seems like jibberish. To Darcy, who is yet quite clear about his intent in what he hears, what I say is well understood, he does what I ask, and learns what I teach, and laughs at my jokes.

JRR Token wrote the entire Lord of the Rings in jibberish, and then it was translated to English.

100 People in a room can hear jibberish and report it as 100 different things.

Your ears hear exactly what you expect to receive from me. Nothing more.

Mark de LA says
XOR jibberish is your native tongue!

Si says
Actually, that could be. Various distinct forms of jibberish come easy to me and many have told me it sounds like a language when I speak it.

… but that really is beside the point of what I say above. There I do not speak jibberish. There I speak in common modern leading-edge concepts and language. The ideas are quite accessible to anyone with a mind designed to question, a thirst for uncovering knowledge, and a lack of programed resistance to things new.

Mark de LA says
#SoYouSay lacking proof by anyone else except probably your tribe

Si says
Your resistive remarks are getting weaker and weaker. I am not sure why you are even bothering? What I say is consistent, holds up, and will continue to diverge from the world you know as time passes. Life is changing at a more rapid pace, all around. You are choosing to resist change and maintain the status quo of your perception as long as you can, as long as your body can maintain its cohesive field. I choose to enjoy and flow with the changes. Change is the only constant (The Meaning of Everything - The Immutable Laws), why resist? The only observable effect of resistance is aging and loss of energy. There are no observed benefits, only imagined ones, mostly presented by the ego.  

Mark de LA says
Remarks are not resistive, or weak – just your mind is not able to handle something “not YOU” !~ null

Si says
I say authentic things as I know them.
You remarks resist, seek to hold different to yourself, your understanding, your perspective, whatever I say, no matter what the subject.

This is not rocket science, it is simple observation.
The only exceptions are when I do something you have asked for.

Look around, the evidence is everywhere.

If you train your perception you will easily notice the energy loss and the depletion you feel each time you do that. Again, not rocket science. This knowledge and perception is directly available to you. Any bets on if you will flow with it as it is here said?

Mark de LA says
NAH! you just think you #know-it-all – Try seeing if someone else that is not one of your kids or somebody you are fucking agrees with all the shit you put out! thumbs down

Si says
#LOL … I do all the time. Most end up considering, then understanding, what I have to say … and then their lives improve and they go on to transform the lives of others. I transmit through many different ways and mediums. Sometimes a humble Gardner, or auto mechanic. Sometimes a Play Church Minister. Sometimes a #LOA guru. Sometimes a nudest, or tractor operator (did that one yesterday and transformed a Tax Accountant as I terraformed his yard and he was amazed at the ease and competency of my ability to do so and asked … and I told how the magic is done, in the language of the God’s, #LOA, and he will, I can tell, make some major changes in his life because of it, like overcome his cancer). No shit!

Life, and people, are amazing, in all the multiple dimensions! Two days ago, I watched a girl drink the moon, and be nourished fully from it … it was not in a reality you visit, but can only be reached by tesseract.

You only perceive what I say as “shit” because you are conditioned to resist it … and because you are fixated on all things related to shit, of course. You have been prepondering shit with your thoughts for a lifetime … possibly because your father was obsessed with shits regularity … can’t really get away from it with all that momentum of thought ongoing. Resistance and shit are nearly the same thing, to you. But it is not the shit that matters, it is only the resistance to your own life.  

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you!
Once you get that, you no longer feel a need to resist your life as it comes.

In fact, you need know nothing else at all. If you master the implications of that one truth, your life will be in perfect sync with your own natural perfection!

Fortunately, I don’t know-it-all. For if I did, there would be nothing left to imagine!
I just know some things you have stopped trying to know, that’s all.

Mark de LA says
Hmmm…. no logic here! #done

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