Perfect monitary system

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You guys miss where the value trail lies. The only accountable item in reality is imagination. When value is assigned to the quality and quantity of imagination given by an individual, then all the woes listed by you all in this article, about commerce, will no longer be.

Human imagination determines the availability of any resource, and the quality of any life experience. When imagination output becomes the determinant of value, each person will naturally gravitate, by choice and desire, to the status where they are most comfortable and the living space they are most, by self knowledge, suited. No one will feel left out because they will know that all they need to do to change any aspect of the value they have is change their own use of their own imagination.

Work will be performed because it is desirable and exactly what one wants to do at that time, and otherwise will be easily automated. As the amount of imagination by each individual increases, naturally because it is seen to have value, the quality and quantity of everything available to everyone anywhere will simply be more. It is a self-regulating natural system in alignment with the nature of the reality experience.

If you don’t believe this, dig to the source of any value anywhere that you know of … if you look at the seed of anything anyone values, you will always find human imagination as the original source for the value to have sprouted exactly there.


Mark de LA says
I will send you an imaginary check in the mail for an imaginary $100 soon, in some imaginary future.

Si says
Yep, that often in fact does work!

Try it sometime.  

Brick and mortar reality is not the only one which obtains, and in fact, is often the hardest way to get anything manifested.

Mark de LA says
kewl! check is in the mail ! null

Si says

Si says