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#1 Celebrate Ferociously in your area

Where we give our focus, we go. Click on some music of your choosing in the joy timer and dig into the joy fest below.  Enjoy reading through and being inspired by others and then add your own gladness. Don’t feel you need to limit, just celebrate and play until you feel warm and buzzing and calm in the journey then go to step two.

#2, Clear!  Practice your Focus Wheel 

if you feel unclear about how to rock a focus wheel, take a side journey here and listen to the pros if you feel ready, have fun clearing the dirt in your gorgeous home so you can live and dance in it the way you intended.

#3 Swim in those Dream Waters

A lot of people feel scared when their dreams actually start coming true because they haven’t spent much time with them and they didn’t recognize the fact the dream coming true was in fact their dream.  So they stayed stuck and in the familiar of what they’d already manifested and were comfortable and dissatisfied with.  Below is a place to add your grid or dream in various areas of your life.  Write slowly and tuned in. Listen to how it feels in your body. Follow the buzzing, light, warm places.  You can write paragraphs that are mostly emotions or you can simply write a dream scenario.

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