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Shero Commandments to Avoid Temptation

Thou shalt remember that everything is energy, and that All that Is is of a vibrational nature. Thou shall not willingly forget this and give way thy creative power, and then proceed to vibrate victimly and manifest all sorts of shitteth shitty shit.


Thou shall not indulge the temptation of blaming others for the things, relationships, situations that that doth draw into thou’s life via thou’s active vibration.  Thou shalt do you. And not blame others when you don’t.


Thou shalt cultivate habits of deep, sustained Listening to Your Inner Self. Thou shalt listen and keep listening and then listen more.  Thou shalt not stop listening to that guidance for any reason, especially when thoust wants to indulge in a big fat fucking freak out. Thou shalt keep listening.


Thou shalt avoid, at all costs, the cardinal sin of taking life seriously. For no reason shall thou forget the game nature of this fundayparadewhahoo bliss festival which thou has the blessed pleasure of creating and experiencing.


Thou shalt continually increase thy’s capacity to play well and fully in All of Life.  Thou shalt learn to use playfulness to release the seductive allure of anxiety and all it’s false promises.  


Thou shalt play thy way free again and again.


Thou shalt dare to enjoy the rougheth stuffeth.  And reframe contrast to actively enjoy its imbiggering invitation.  Thou shalt shalt chestbump instead of cowering.


Thou shalt relentlessly translate everything that is happening as a sign of shit moving in a good direction because the instance thou chooseth to see it that way it becomeseth that way.


that shalt become a wondrous steward of thy Attention and keep traction on positive new momentums by celebrating the dingdang hooties out of thou wins.


thou shalt have soulmate curiosity with everyone and in this way dare to see life the way that god sees.

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