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yeah but just look at the kimono tho…

A new gratitude game to carry you through the shitty momentum times.  

Sometimes you have simply vibrated carelessly and have drawn in a life situation that is difficult to shift or to stay happy through. This game can be a scaffolding you can build to hold your attention in an uplifted place while you shift the vibration you are emitting and the corresponding vibrational response, or momentum you are drawing in.  To play this in real life, I suggest you set up three pages, at work, at home, on a trip, and on the top of each write: 
I have loved
I am loving now
I am excited to love

You can substitute other words for love like enjoy or delight or whatever rings for you

Then, you set about having fun filling the page with resonant fragments, little lines or small paragraphs that evoke in you a sense of joy, ease, yes, happiness and love.  

If you are in struggle or frustration, this process begins slowly.  Only try to feel a little better, a little relief and stay with the game.  It will lift you up.  The more honestly and fully you engage it the more fully it will serve you.

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