Mind Pollution Via Advertizing

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I have noticed recently that there is less program content & more advertisements than ever.  The same goes for websites especially the news. There are some websites I am beginning to drop just because I have to watch too much crap to work my way to the headlines.  Some the scrolling is interrupted by badly planned advertisement material.  
In general the advertisement material has swamped over into politics .  It’s the same meme.  Say something with authority & fanfare & lights & it gets attention & the money flows in.  
Good luck cleaning your brains & minds out.  
https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/check-out-brain-controlled-film-1610430 – techniques & big data collaborate to feed you just what they want you to eat.


Mark de LA says
Even with a DVR it is tedious to bypass all the attention media bandits & vampires of your ever flexible & ever curious minds.

Mark de LA says
Boob tube:
(***) .. apparently the Sun is not afraid of tits.