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Walking with a shero heart means you will never approach life the same before because now you know, you KNOW that you are a the one emitting a vibration and you know that you are a creator and you are now thirsty to create more deliberately and powerfully, in all areas of your life.

Here’s a very brief how to shero on your own:

Prep:  set aside a holy time, a weekly play up date where you deliberately shero each week.

Make a "basket" or collection spot for the inspiration that filters in through the week. Toss in anything that "buzzes" articles, things to listen to, ideas for body movement, or adventures or creative projects you want to do.

To actually shero:

Timelock and tell people and your phone that you can’t play with them right now. Then tell yourself you really mean it. Then really mean it.

Get into your body until it purrs using some kind of movement, and make sure you pass through the veil where you feel activated and good.  Be playful as you learn how to do this.

do a splat in your shero journal about your area, and then do a focus wheel and grid combo on something in your area.

Dig into your basket of inspirations you’ve been collecting and follow what feels light or bright.  When all else fails, listen to a new Abraham Hicks You tube and write down the inspiration that buzzes for you.

Go adventure. Seriously, every Sunday AT LEAST I would go  do something awesome, fun and new and juicy for your tender heart.  These adventures keep the door wide, round and open and help you stay unstuck.  If adventure doesn’t ring, then go create something new.  Something fun, deep and real for you and no rushing. No rushing.  Today, you are time and joy affluent.

Lastly, enjoy the journey, enjoy the contrast that illuminates your path even brighter. Enjoy the dragons, enjoy the epiphanies, enjoy the relief of giving positive attention, enjoy your bettering point of attraction adn the fresh new magics blooming your way as you rise, rise, as you rise.
Shero by Week:

Cross the Threshold and answer the call to adventure - here you admit to vibrational responsibility and begin to play with the journey

Meet the mentor - you call in your inner and outer guides on this issue and position yourself to receive next guidance rather than fight or blame

Road of trials - what is keeping you back is revealed and you dare to play your way through it

Temptation - you come to terms with your willingness to leave the real journey and be distracted or give your power away in various ways

Meet the goddess - you have an experience that reveals your clear, unfettered, unwounded, unconfused self and it sets the journey on love fire

Ultimate boon - you recover the fundemental right to enjoy every aspect of the journey and you set yourself free

Magic flight back - you make peace with momentum and learn to move with your new alignment

Mistress or Master of two worlds - you come back home and dance simultaneously in the inner and outer world and never go back to sleep again.

shero on!


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