What is She Wearing? Hillary Clinton Looks Like Hell at OzyFest - Wrapped in a Drape (VIDEO)

Funny shit one finds trolling in the news

No wonder Anthony

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the Weiner was pulling his pudd on line instead of dealing with Huma the Human Tongue Bath.


Mark de LA says
Pointed to this in the artlcle: https://www.amazon.com/examples-lawbreaking-corruption-cronyism-hypocrisy-ebook/dp/B01E4U36NE 

Si says
Well, you become what you consume.

With food, yea … but even more so with your thoughts.  

Interpretation of the process as humor is the quantum entanglement.

Enjoy the feeling of becoming … it’s the experience we call “being human”.

Mark de LA says
You become the costume you put on.  Only you are ignorant of what a joke it is to others!