Economics VS Power

Why fight?  The Cain & Abel thing?

How much more could we have if we cooperated& shared?
Technically all we need in the form of laws is the Golden Rule which includes the Decalogue if one thinks beyond religion & thinks of that which brings to society GOOD ORDER!
Economics as a pure system of getting goods & services into/out-of those who want/need/use them .
Too much these days the idea of “power” enters the question & government is in there saying “yeah, I want that & more because I do a better job of organizing it all” – null It’s too big a game for any mortal to understand nulllaughing etc. power is inexhaustible lure; Sirenes  to lure countries like Venezuela to the rocks of ruin.

Focus now on the associations of humans to produce the necessities of life & abundance in measure for those who make it work all over the World .  Discard that which leads to fighting & war. Promote that which leads & is about freedom an synergy, cooperation & happier lives.


Mark de LA says
Great visuals on various economies: