I choose that in order rto maintain a healthy body & weight that the consumption of food must be tied to hunger; i.e. one must: To this end I undertake a CONTEMPLATION to grok hunger & the desire for the eating experience a la PR & his contemplation of anger, pain, desire & fear a la BofNK PART VI P 507 SSQ & instructions on how to contemplate.


  1. hunger
  2. desire
  3. weight
  4. contemplation


Mark de LA says
Contemplation goals – to nourish & provide my bodily vehicle with a dynamic nutrition & balance of food.

Mark de LA says
The jury is still out as to whether the hunger I notice in the belly chakra is being responded to on a signal from the right petal; am looking into the chakras. The chakras according to RS are talked about here:

Mark de LA says
it is more complex than all of this … still, the idea is nice.  The challenge is that I can make myself hungry for something & morph it into body sensation of hunger.

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