Climate Science & Climate Change

(***) Forbes

Things which interact with the climate in some way are:
  1. satellites beaming & radiating laser & other radiation  to the Earth
  2. 1886 satellites plus secret military & foreign enemy ones
  3. cell phones 
  4. space junk – abandoned residue of satellites & failed space junk metals etc circulating around the Earth like big atom interacting with the stuff in #1 above & the geomagnetic field of the Earth.
  5. magnetic effects of the space junk in #4
  6. ALL existence of any kind, material or otherwise, is in come kind of change & metamorphosis. Such includes our Earthly climate. We Earthlings must be aware & care for our home, source of nutrition, life & livelihoods .
  7. Oh, I almost left out a giant cause –  politics  telling stories  to garner votes