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Blogged for the “Bozo” (null) who passed away last Friday the 13th of a brain bleed stroke over a year ago & the consequences.  I visited him after my house burned down in Paradise last November. Got to kiss him good bye on the forehead – he was in a trance of his own examining a piece of a puzzle trying to grok it I guess. I try to keep most of the details off the main stream facebook & other places to avoid traumatizing his wife.  Glad to keep in touch.  Later will post a question about global warming I have been wondering about – you being probably the only scientist I know who would probably not swear at me for questioning the theories. null

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irrational triangle e,pi,phi – lots of ratios

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Seth posted in his own “mentography” the beginnings of cybermind (well before the Internet) implemented first on the Apple-II . This is obviously from fastblogit nullnull