Tesla versus Steiner

Nikola Tesla was born 10 July 1856 in what is now Croatia
Rudolf Steiner was born on 27 February 1861 in what is now Kraljevec, Croatia 
There are approximately 100 miles & 4.6 years separating these events.
The above unusual “interview” in translation shows some overlap in their mindsets.
At times Tesla sounds like a nut-case & some times like a prophet & initiate of some kind.
The interview above is worth watching just for the mind of the man who invented alternating current & was fascinated with lightning.  OTOH Steiner says somewhere that his drawings of the Strader machine were in error intentionally.  He included an error since it would yield energy for everyone but must wait until the 3-fold state is fully implemented. They both had similar goals to make energy available & free to the whole world.


Mark de LA says
https://www.fastblogit.com/thought/7677 ← the RS Strader machine

Mark de LA says
Interesting numeric animated diagram in the beginning https://youtu.be/177vg1pEGbo?t=25
xor here 

XOR find a lot of them in YouTube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=energy+numbers+369 null