Problems using fastblogit

I get the following message which hangs my ID for a long while & none of the implied responses changes the effect:
  neither x cancels nor cancel, nor OK nor reloading the page & sometimes trying to reload the page wipes the screen blank (grey) & spends a long time trying to load the page “waiting for fastblogit, google , youtube & even facebook.
Looks like a hack to me,  but I have been unable to to chase the code in gethub to find out why.  Sometimes it is is on other groups of mine.
Irritation #2 – I would like to be able to delete id’s or at least censure those who what to & use the blog, which is BASICALLY mine (I pay for it) so that I am not charged for extra stuff others put on it. I need the code word xor Administrative password.
I can’t find the source code or db for most of the fastblogit code.  I can find a lot of the ming dictionary stuff, but where is the rest that drives this blog?


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Mark de LA says
I relocated this from group mark.null

Mark de LA says
Today I loaded Safari 517 on my laptop & the problem above still existys with an additional message :
Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #chatbox_function (a) {var b=Object(this),c=parseInt(b.length)||0;if(0===c)return!1;var d,e=parseInt(arguments[1])||0;for(e>=0?d=e:(d=c+e,0>d&&(d=0));c>d;){var f=b[d];if(a===f||a!==a&&f!==f)return!0;d++}return!1;}

Mark de LA says
The TOR browser recovers faster than the 10 minutes + reboot of the browser that Google & Explorer seem to exhibit. null