Industrial Complexes

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Eisenhower “invented” the Military Industrial Complex xor see Wikipedia on such here.
Which further hairs into the @title link.

I am concerned about the following ones:
  1. Medical Industrial Complex
  2. Food & Health Industrial Complexes
  3. Media Industrial Complexes
    • Information Industrial Complexes & Systems
  4. Monetary Industrial Complexes
  5. Legal Industrial Complexes
  6. Political Industrial Complexes
  7. Scientific/Climate/...etc complexes
  8. TAX Industrial complex - the main tool of number 6 above
… basically because they seem to have evolved into one’s loss of freedom in favor of some kind of collective which buries it. Then too I am fond of the idea that there can be a synergy of individuals rather than a top-down forcing a result which comes from the transient politics of the day often with guns &/or threats of imprisonment .
id est ...


  1. aaaaaa
  2. Barter
  3. token


Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
… & then to get balanced there is socialism
& of course communism

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See Michael Strong & this post:
nullnull  – Wars get made of this stuff !

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One possibility for transformation could be “buy/produce locally” movement along with barter-like transactions for other goods & services across communities & cultures.  Maintain the latter through crypto-currencies & blockchain-like contracts & agreements.
Andreas on MONEY

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#Barter may not work because of the Dunbar numbers 
Bitcoin as a #token (above)

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Mark de LA says
Federal Reserve
World Bank 
Special Drawing Rights (traded) 
Virtual Currency 
GNP – Gross National Product 
US National Debt Clock: 
Davos & the World Economic Forum - 
Bilderberg –

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 People may now have democracies or parliaments — they may come together in parliaments, but the destinies of humanity do not breathe through these parliaments, for the men who are elected into parliament are not filled with the breath of mankind’s destinies. They are filled with the breath of egoistic interests. Each person has his own egoistic interest. External schematic similarities in these interests, often due to a common profession, induce people to form groups. And if these groups are sufficiently large, they become majorities. In that case it is not human destinies which pass through parliament, or through these representative groups of people, but only human egoism, multiplied by so and so many persons.



The Inexpressible Name, Spirits of Space and Time.

Conquering Egotism.

Mark de LA says

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