Mucking with the system

The problem:

A solution:  Take away the license of the legislators, lawyers & judges that make & enforce  asinine laws infringing on our freedoms but which are not constitutional.

How: ?
  1.  Identify a malefactor – I have noticed that very few judges have anyone running against them on a ballot. That in itself is suspect.  How do they get removed. 
  2. Institute a write in backed by crypto performance measures 
    • contracts which pay for certain names showing up on the ballot by write in
    • xor an honest judge if you can find one
    • contracts paid for visibility into the balloting & counting process
  3. Undetermined preventing the moneyed politicians from countering the above.
  4. Iterate incentives for freedom – one idea is international arbitration 
  5. XOR some of the substance of 


Mark de LA says
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