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Mark Russell Liberty Equality Fraternity - Get money out of politics if you ever expect to be equal with others before the law made by those who govern. If you expect to be free share with your neighbors and satisfy their needs while they satisfy yours like a brotherhood - each with one’s own ability. In Freedom one can believe in whatever one wishes to pursue unfettered by schools, medical officials, artistic empires & heal what is sick for generations now & yet to come.


Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says

Ralston College[edit]

Ralston College is a proposed institution and it is not yet admitting students.[30] It anticipates focusing on the liberal arts,[31] and has declared a commitment to freedom of speech, enshrined in its motto "sermo liber vita ipsa" ("Free Speech is Life Itself").[32][33]

  • although google translates it as
  •  “the word itself is free”

Among the members of its Board of Visitors are Vernon SmithHeather Mac DonaldHarry LewisSir Roger ScrutonRuth WisseFreeman Dyson, and Roger Kimball.[34]

Mark de LA says
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