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genius (n.)
late 14c., "tutelary or moral spirit" who guides and governs an individual through life, from Latin genius "guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth; spirit, incarnation; wit, talent;" also "prophetic skill; the male spirit of a gens," originally "generative power" (or "inborn nature"), from PIE *gen(e)-yo-, from root *gene- "give birth, beget," with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups. Sense of "characteristic disposition" of a person is from 1580s. Meaning "person of natural intelligence or talent" and that of "exalted natural mental ability" are first recorded 1640s.

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Then too Peter Ralston wrote one of his most recent books:
The Genius of Being

& there are 15 context references to the word .. here is one:

Genius of Being refers to the first domain, since in this case, “being” denotes “existing”—what is and what is actually occurring and how it is occurring. The use of the word “genius” is a rather poetic emphasis pointing to the mind-boggling complexity, intricacy, and interrelated effectiveness of every aspect of existence. When we embrace this domain in any way, awe is often the first response. And then there’s grasping that the very nature and source of Being—of Existence and Consciousness—is absolute, and its manifestation into life and reality is without break or hole; it is complete, and everything works. It’s perfect. It’s brilliant. There is no mistake. It is exactly as it is. When we grasp the nature of it all at once, joyous laughter is an appropriate response. 1:8 Strangely, our first domain, although held as the “real” reality, is always a stretch to ascertain. We don’t access it directly in our personal perceptive-experience, as shown by the fact that we must use science, contemplation, existential thinking, and deep considerations and study simply to approach it. By contrast, our personal experience always sits right in our lap, requiring no stretch at all. What’s overlooked is that this very personal experience was built not given. It seems ironic that the real is so hard to come by while the fabricated is totally accessible and automatic.

Ralston, Peter. The Genius of Being (p. xi). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.


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