Copy of - Racism

Mark de LA says ...
I say that anyone who uses the distinctions of race to argue, judge, excuse, blame, criticize, politicize, incite, agitate, allocate, study, educate, etc. is a RACIST !

Anyone !

Using the distinctions of race separates those of one race from the rest of humanity & that which is common to ALL humanity gets lost in the process. That is, after all, what distinctions do!

One has to rise to the level of ALL humanity to enjoy the brotherhood thereof & NOT sink into the quagmire & machinery of blame, anger, jealousy, despair, victimhood, irresponsibility & lack of dignity which RACISM provides.

I can identify with the problems that mothers & fathers, brothers & sisters, sons & daughters have: their toils, angst, anxiety, pain & suffering as well as joy, exhilaration & happiness. When you separate yourself from me by racial distinctions you cloud my perception so that it's next to impossible to have that experience.

There is a natural tendency in the machinery of the human being to avoid being wrong, to make others wrong & to always be right (or at least not wrong). We're stuck - the machinery is very good at what it does - perhaps only a Zen Master can get around it. Evolution may need another thousand years or so to get rid of this programming & live by the Golden Rule, but by then, evolution will probably have rendered the racial distinctions moot!