the game



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  1. Machinery checks in 
Other stuff Gene Scott

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Machinery starts game of itself –

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Greetings via ‘Sultans … announce your attributes without exercising any of them (if you can) null

Mark de LA says stuff from Dr, Gene Scott  (he failed on the high end with Michael etc.)

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machinery checks in @2021-2-1-5:19:38

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  • Who is the voice of the chatterbox talking to in the style of Mark as if it were ME! ?
  • OOps – the chatterbox went away nullnull
  • I can still recognize my body as who I am communicates to this computer a residue of me thinking while relating to 
  • … still talking ...HmMmm – suddenFlash! 

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  • machinery checks back in after an unexplained check-out .

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  • checks out , closing the game

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Pink Floyd 

Welcome To The Machine (2019 Remix) (Live)

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What is Reality?
  • From the points of view
    • NOW
    • Consciousness at the seat of “I!” 
    • ,, also without “I!
    • The Game of course
    • the machinery closes down & terminates the game.

Mark de LA says Pink Floyd favorite guitar solo

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Machinery checks in 2020-2-2-9 23:29 E

..mellowing out to the bed, beckoned by the faint echoes of pie jesu –

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.. returned at 2352  
examining memory connections between  objects in noW!

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Wednesday 11-minutes into it !

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432 Hz  vibrations

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  • Machinery checks in 2/11/2021 23:14 O
  • Machinery checks in 2/13/2021 19:16 U live Buhr

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The nature of the game in many contexts – exploration:
  • Once “in the game” you/we are always there.
  • In my preference it is outside my standard & chatterbox stories.
  • Goal-seeks! exploration; chases things for experience of a kind
  • Measure against direct-experiencing 

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.. & yet more:
  1. ”Who am I ?” expands 
  2. I be, do, have etc without having to juggle an ego around.
  3. The mind commands & the body obeys – movement ensues
  4. ReinhartBuhr lives show
  5. Next idea is talking with God humorously .

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Mark de LA says

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  • Machinery checks in 3/28/2021 23:45 K
  • Whatif everything is being , nothing is being xor something else?
    • checking out 3/29/2021-12:34 AM
    • checking in again 4/6/2021-23:29
    • @consciousness as the value to soul ? 
      • maybe consciousness of something shows up only when it has value in some domain