Paradise Storage locker - contents

Space is 10 feet tall and 20’ wide and 30’  long (deep)
There is probably some light amount of ash inside on top of most everything.
The left side of the space is mostly Tina Coady Russell’s stuff from her days of art school. Somewhere is my dog Body’s (?) ashes in a cremation container.  At the start of the left hand side is a hand made small oak phone table which is somewhat disassembled & needs to be glued back together.  There is also an oak roll top desk behind the phone table which needs one leg repaired.  Further on the left side are Tinas’s stuff which are her art etc, At the vert back are a box of sliced rock- the box has fallen apart but was made out of the box material that our vegetable man delivered vegetables in. (Mr. Duboff) .  I would like to get the rock back in Paradise. Very artistic. 
On the right hand side back are my old UCLA books & miscellaneous stuff perhaps some Tony Robbins & Richard Bandler books. moving forward to the front on the right hand side (middle ) are virgin copies of Znuz Is Znees all 4 volumes & perhaps one volume that was rescinded & replaced by a new volume 1. THere a quite a few copies uncirculated of all 4 of Z is Z in the middle. There are on the right the printer plates  for Book Chameleon – second edition in the red & black cover. There somewhere near the big table a lot of piles of occult books & some GW material as well.  The big brown table has a old style formica top put on by Barbara Russell.  
On top of the big table are my first Apple that Seth & I started fastblogit with. Genesthai’s rocking chair that he sat in most of his life is there , reapolstered several times by Barbara & maybe Lotus. So, heads up on the big table which was at Walgrove & served for our communion ceremonies. There are some scanners & other stuff that may want to go to Bandler’s museum of original computer stuff he mentioned sometime in a seminar I took in Chicago .

Maybe my brother-in-law, Bill Coady (Wife is Carol) who also has the keys would have some interest – but he lives in Chico, Calif. & has 4 or so units in the storage place as well. 

My personal interest (Mark) is to have the 2 volumes of Chinese dictionaries & have the slices of rock for art-work.  It was so heavy originally that the box fell apart.  I will designate the communion table & rocking chair for the lady in Hollywood (I will look up her page on facebook later).


Mark de LA says
P.S. there are lots of occult books & books by Rudolf Steiner in the middle of the right side of the container as well. 

Shallon says
If I remember right there are about 64 one square foot boxes still there in the storage . I am not sure what is in them and would like to see first before giving them to whomsoever got the other black binders etc.

Mark de LA says
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