I had an Andy Rooney Moment this morning

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On the side of a cigarette pack I spyed the following:
SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide
& then I thought, WOW! So does car exhaust, the exhaust from electricity generating plants that are not nuclear etc. We should (a la Arnold in California) ban all such things to keep the surgeon general happy (& also the Greens). But what would we use to commute places?  Can't use horses because of the methane & H2S (& of course the horse turds on the road).  Cant use monorails because the electricity has to come from some place & besides the sparks cause Nitrogen Oxide & Ozone. Well that pretty much fixes transportation to walking and bicycles - if we can find some way to dispose of all those tires without pollution!  Besides walking is good for you, right? It might put out of business all those fitness centers so we would probably have to eat extra helpings of American Fries to keep them going.  ..Enjoy!


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