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Articles like When Will computer hardware match the human brain ? attempt somehow to measure the brain against MIPS or chess playing.  In the quest to answer the question How close are we to achieving Brain Speedthis article showed up as interesting, but without the answer. Some say that it will happen around 2020 & call that point in human history a singularity (a disconnect like the big bang).
The article Energy Limits to the Computational Power of the Human Brain states:
It seems reasonable to conclude that the human brain has a raw computational power between 10^^13 and 10^^16 operations per second. The supercomputer in the about reference apparently calculates at about 59x10^^12 so we need to go ~1000 times that speed to reach the singularity.
... Also the human brain is organized differently and has more tasks than just thinking & speaking .... (comparing apples to oranges ?)

  Anyway I speculate that the following would be interesting things to do with a supercomputer that can move that fast:
  • Build a HAL or the USS Enterprise computer with it to answer questions both from the resources on the internet & also special connections to where the answers might be such as universities & think tanks
  • Attempt to simulate consciousness
  • Build a personal research assistant
  • Write a program to pass the Turing Test
  • Build something better than an MRI which can see dynamically inside the human body without any harm to examine how all the parts are working
  • work on some of the unsolved problems in mathematics & physics.
What would you do ?


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Mark de LA says
AI topics can be found here.  Natural Language stuff from AAAI  is another resource of possible use to group UnhackTheBrain.

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