I hate blogging

well here I am again. Im just doing this jsut to shut up my dad......... I could rant about random stuff but ............... ok I just wanted to day I am glad I finally beat Imperium Galactica II under all 3 main races and well............................ IM BORED OUT OF MY FRICKEN MIND HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. rant


Mark de LA says
Maybe you should do an in-depth study of BOREDOM - I mean like really study boredom & figure out what causes it. What does it really feel like? Where does that feeling show up - what part of the body does it show up in ? What does it mean to you ? Contrast & compare with INTERESTING. Why do so many of your peers show up with the same psychological malady? What causes it? Is it an "IT" or is it a process. If being bored is a "being" kind of thing are you acting out being bored - i.e. are you the cause of it ? What does it mean to be "bored out of my fricken mind here" ? Did you loose your mind or go deeper into it. Are you outside your mind at any time, really?
I knew a man who was so interested in answering these & even more questions about boredom that got really interested in the subject & forgot to be bored ever again!