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Mark de LA says
Way back when  MOOs were popular it seemed fun to interact with personalities & avitars of various character in different rooms & have convversations of a sort.  I wonder if that atmosphere & behavior could be somehow made easier here. See lambda MOO or google MOO for particulars.  An image of your avitar and something easier than the Who's Here  conversation would be good starters. I think it might be fun to interact more anonymously.  Of course bloviation on blogs needing to satisfy an ego might be a counter stream to be discouraged.
Nowadays SimCity meets Google Earth & MOO’s on mobile devices to the tune of Pokeman Go thumbs uplaughing

Amanda says
I love your cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love lots Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda says
I Love your cow's !!!!!!!!!! cow's r so cool well g2g
I LOVE COW'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love lots Amanda

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-07-27 08:24:04 [item 2948#54699]
Well i think there can be many different interfaces to the kind of interaction that happens in thinking domains.   One very exciting one for me is just talking with your voice and hearing with your ears exclusive of reading with your eyes.  Or you could interface through cartoon and games … but i am not so very sure that would not take you away from in-depth honest interaction … especially if anonymity is encouraged.  Deed with no consequence is not the direction that i personally am going … to me it is a disconnect between inside and outside.  There is plenty of that in the gaming world now … no need to rebuild it here.

Incidentally, a person expressing themselves should not be discouraged as “bloviation to satisfy ego”.  What justification do you have for that attitude?
It was a place to put my grok about the origin of multiplayer software with avatars called MOOs. What was your justification for missing the point? ego?
That was 10 years old.  I just added my “Nowadays SimCity meets Google Earth & MOO’s on mobile devices to the tune of Pokeman Go thumbs uplaughing“ below it as an update .
Another way to look at is, except for the multimedia aspect & cell phones, it’s all been done before.laughing

Seth says
well i don’t kow if you knew, but “multiplayer software with avatars called MOOs” has been well explored in the gaming world.  it is a multi-billion industry now with millions of gamers playing in those spaces with anonymous throwaway characters to an utter distraction from their real lives.  i mean i got your point about that,  but sorry, the world has already been there and is doing that … for what it is worth. 

the thing about your “point” hower that stuck out like a soar thumb way your stark judgemtnt:  “Of course bloviation on blogs needing to satisfy an ego might be a counter stream to be discouraged. ”

Seth says
well it especially sucks when you mix 2.0 with 3.0.   have you not noticed what is happening yet?

Seth says
i use 3.0 exclusively for making comments to threads which have already started.  the threading in 3.0 is absolutely superior … it cannot collide …. and it allows for editing comments which have already been responded to.

if you would do the same then most (if not all) of the confusion (and suckage) about comments will like totally dissappear.  

but if you, for whatever chiggy reason,  decide that you cannot cooperate with me in that elimination of suckage,  then could you at least let me know … then i would alway respond to your threads in 2.0 and we will be back to what was happening in comments last spring. 

Mark de LA says
Mark de LA 2016-07-27 08:48:28 [item 2948#54704]
Notice how the new comment organization sucks.
Mark de LA 2016-07-27 08:54:05 [item 2948#54706]
kinda – it keeps bopping back & forth & some features work worse in 3.0 scrolling in the news, & some other rooms. The best part of 3.0 is groups . I keep my other comments to myself.indecision
Having to make sure that I am in 3.0 is suckage! (already expressed)

Seth says
that is true.  but confusing the comment threads is worse.

So which is it to be, Mark?   Are you going to try to keep in 3.0 when replying to and editing comments?

Mark de LA says
The suckage compounds on finding myself in 2.0 I have to switch to 3.0 & it goes back to the elephant shitting in the sandbox & I lose my place. It is not binary choice – some good & bad in both. I have a lot of 2.0 groups & stuff which pop back to 2.0 even though I start in 3.0 .  OTOH the other day I found my vows which were written in blue & colors & for some strang reason they got fucked up & turned to black & white & I lost the color forever. 

Seth says
i don’t want this to get lost,  mark, please do not respond to this comment.

This is an excellent example of Nathan’s philosophy justifying him not taking responsibility for the consequences of his actions, and rather blaming them on somebody else. 

Seth says
yep i can work around the hazards because i like the 3.0 threading much more than the old one … and you and i can dialogue in them very well indeed.  so i tolerate that extra effort … which incidentally is not all that very trivial … especially when one uses fastblogit as much as i do.  mark’s response is to complain about it and refuse to work around the hazards … that response is on him as well as my my extra effort working around his use of 2.0. 

you created the situational hazards now running for weeks, and that is on you.  …. incidentally, great job there, and i thank you for it.

new aged thinking should be teaching us to be aware of the source of effect and our response to it … not, when it is our self,  to attribute it to others.

Of course, if there really are no others, they being just a creation of our self, …  then, hey! …  you have justified your behavior to yourself.

Mark de LA says
I have used 3.0 and have run into your hazards & jumped through some of your hoops.  One of my favorite things is ending up on the shitting elephant when I forget to go through one of your hoops. I got it twice this AM trying to do routine things. Enjoy haphazard developers & development at your own risk. I will enjoy using 3.0 more when the hoops begin to disappear faster & the esthetics are more obvious & not just in the eye & mind of the developers.

Si says
Use it or don't. It's my work in progress and as I said it is nowhere near a phase where bugs are being accepted ... there are none at this phase of work, it is work being built as my extra, unpaid, time allows.

You are welcome to provide positive feedback that contributes to the building process. That's it. If you can't approach it with that frame of mind, then just don't use it.

Thanks. cool

Si says
It is an attractive based multiverse. You lead with your thoughts. You select the version of me you are experiencing with your thoughts … and you can always tell where your thoughts have actually been by observing what you are experiencing. Many versions of me with many different kinds of responses are available. It is not up to me what you will experience next, it is up to you and the thoughts you are having now. If you keep getting the same kinds of responses then you are having the same kinds of thoughts. If you want different responses, change your thoughts.  As Bandler would say, if you want different results, you must do something different … that applies to your thoughts too.

Mark de LA says
Mark de LA 2016-07-27 15:57:54 [item 2948#54747]
Whatever – I used 2.0 & then Seth kept trying to get me to use mostly 3.0.  I have given you folks feedback. Apparently that causes problems somehow.  I will continue to do what I do.  thumbs up FYI, way back in CyberMind days, I worked a full time job & contributed thousands of my own $$$ to get it built (hardware/software etc. ) – contributing design suggestions all along. Even affected a loan N got for a house.  Sometimes “pay it forward” works & sometimes it fades into the past. Incidentally I invented “pay it forward” – John Fuller remembered it when I was doing Common Logic in the warehouse days. Just tapped into it a little early. 
Mark de LA 2016-07-27 16:30:29 [item 2948#54749]
Just in equal measure as you quit the insulting remarks.


Seth says
Well i was just pointing out the fallacy in your statement to mark something to the effect, “that you were in no way involved in his experience, that it was 100% created by himself” (sorry your exact quote apparently got deleted).   Had you not created the situation, then he would not have complained, therefore he did not create the experience 100% out of his own being. 

Incidentally i notice you providing some extra defense of what you did by repeating again what you already told me.  Bear in mind that i am not complaining and was not suggesting that you should have acted differently.   I am fine with the progress you are making and only wish it god speed. 

My reason for mentioning it was that it was a perfect example of where you model of human interaction fails, when you say that your actions do not affect others,  or that their actions do not affect you … but they do … which contradicts your belief that “you are 100% responsible for your own experience”. 

Seth says

Si says
Both of you want a real example of reality in action? It’s right here. Look back a few weeks ago when Mark was not participating with all the shit energy he puts into his commenting. During that time 3.0 evolved massively and Seth and I were having really fun interactions on both 3.0 evolution and discussions about reality. Exactly when Mark started participating and shitting on things again was when 3.0 development slowed to a crawl.

And don’t cite circumstances, like I went to Transformus, as the reason. Circumstances do not determine outcomes. Circumstances are determined by the energy in action, energy being put out. My needs, my projects, and all other circumstances shifted to match the energy in play … as will always be the case in reality.

If you really want to put this to the test and observe it, shift the energy. Get rid of the shit. See what happens. Circumstances will change to match the new energy … I absolutely guarantee it!   

Personally I don’t care. All the things I am doing, all my circumstances, are interesting and fun, because I set up my energy that way, because I know that is what will determine my experience. I am as happy for circumstances to be away from here and matching me up with other nice things as I am to be here working on 3.0.

Si says

Si says
Well, just for the fun of it, since 3.0 is us 3 gunslingers only and gunslingers are a rough and tough bunch able to handle true grit, now in 3.0 deleted comments show up with a red background.   

This is true even if you delete a comment in 2.0, it will still reappear as a deleted comment in 3.0. devil

Si says
So, knowing the wonders of the verses, let's predict Mark's next bullying tactic. Since he can no longer delete to wipe out things that are not viable RWG material, we can predict that he will hit upon the idea of editing comment content instead. What is yet to be seen is if he will simply drop in bogus or blank content, or if he will actually go the mile and re-engineer his shit to make it smell like a rose and maybe even make others comments appear sour in the new context … effectively generating his own home brewed RWG when others won’t play it with him. rose

Now if Mark owns a thought, like this one, he can always delete the whole thing or make it private. Yes, that is bullying, I know. But realize that the one thing that marks a bully, the one thing in common between all bullies, is the desire to have their version of reality validated and accepted by others. Their need to control the version of reality that is being accepted by the status quo trumps all other considerations, including fairness, posterity, and even the golden rule.

Seth says
 pondering … apparently you do not believe that:

 if “others affect each other”  AND
if we SENSE that affect, 
then we do NOT create our “ENTIRE experience”.  

And yes i have read and reread your explanation of your model of what is happening.  It does not square with the belief above which i cannot deny.

Seth says
i am going to move that comment out of harms way.

Si says

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