Live Clipboard

About: Live Clipboard Technical Introduction

source: Ray Ozzie introduced the Live Clipboard at Etech

So, where's the clipboard of the web?


Check out the demo.

Read Ray's initial blog post about it.

The screencasts are a must watch!

See the stir in the community here google live clipboard.

Perhaps this could be used to copy and paste cartoon pallets between domains.

It is hard for me to contain my excitment about this innovation (Shelley's piece on passion not withstanding).  All i need is to find a PHP library and these sizzors will start appearing all over fastblogit.

There is an active community growing on the mailing list, see archives.

And now a  domain, devoted to publishing the icons for the clipboard ... and a discussion regarding standardizing the semantics of the icons.


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Seth says
Apparently the community is in shock that "Redmond listened"  and changed the spec of Liveclipboard accordingly.  As one of the participants in the discussion i must say that i am happy with the result.  We got the best of both worlds:  you can use well formed XML as Danny originally requested, or you can still lump flaky stuff in a CDATA package.