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While investigating this story about immigration protesting I found that Google News has 908 articles on the story. Which one (or ones)  is/are the original & presumably the closest to the event & which ones are copycat stories made up from the wire services.  If you have ever have told a story passed it around a room you know by the time it reaches you again that it has been altered substantially. I suspect that this is true of the 908 articles in this case. It may also be interesting to note the different headlines all about the same story. If you are interested a quick way to see them is to push the RSS button in the URL address box and see the list (after subscribing).Also note the different count for the number of protesters - from 100,000 to one million. (probably proves that reporters can't or don't count)
The politics of the situation seems strange to me. One article touted the "Right to a Better Life" as if it was guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution to everyone in the World. Even if there were such a thing (& there is NOT) - nothing says there is the right for foreigners to come to the US & demand it. Are we as a nation to write & change our laws based on protests &  mobs - especially ones from other countries? If so, then you are witnessing the beginning of the end & the loss of sovereignty for this country. That "Right to a Better Life" should be sought at home in the country of origin. To people from outside the US I say reform your own governments & countries.  A country that can just have it's laws violated & uninforced will rapidly become a country without the rule of law. Without the rule of law there will be no country at all.

Drudge cranks it up with this picture

Looks like an ideal
place for INS to begin reverse bussing!


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Seth says
source:  M above
Which one (or ones)  is/are the original & presumably the closest to the event & which ones are copycat stories made up from the wire services.
Well, the "original" was an event, which obviously has made a lot of waves.  Did you find any first had reports and pictures of the original?   But i agree, it is worth the effort to research the web and point back to as close to the orgignal cause of a story as possible.  3159 is a case in point .. that was another story where there were so many waves that it took a moment to find the original. 

source: M above
nothing says there is the right for foreigners to come to the US & demand it
Well, yeah, i guess not.  Me i don't relate to nations as the most important boundary.  Instead i depreciate that "boarder" in favor of humanity.  Hopefully in several centuries  nation states will  be as outmoded as feudalism.  Perhaps those boarders will be replaced with ethnic communities.  In any case i'm glad that the Mexican American community is finally finding it's voice .

Mark de LA says
Too bad the Mexican community hasn't found it's voice in MEXICO ! Actually, we know that president Vincente Fox encourages the illegal immigration because the mexicans here (they are NOT mostly Mexican-Americans) send money back home which helps the Mexican economy. 
Ponder this:  The poorest nations on the earth could easily swamp the resources & services available to the mere 300 million inhabitants of the US. A sample population count of the largest countries is below.  Mostly the inhabitants of the US are paying for this.  China has allowed capitalism & is now becoming a competitor on the world stage both economic & for resources like oil.  India seems to compete in the more intellectual persuits like computer programming.  Tribal boundaries (ethnic or otherwise) is backwards and leads to more war - look at the examples in Africa and Afganistan.
1. China 1,311,876,919
2. India 1,091,368,914
3. USA 297,731,838
4. Indonesia 244,550,072
5. Brazil 187,561,312
World 6,500,088,169

Mark de LA says
M 2006-03-26 09:40:17 3165
Let anyone in that wants to come in and soon you might be required (after militant Islam blows up NY & maybe Seattle) to bow to Mecca 6 times a day and carry a copy of the Koran. And of course your wife wouldn't be allowed out of the house without your permission. 
In my case that's a good-news vs bad-news proposition