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About: microsoft delays ie's activex d-day

To me patenting software is like patenting a mathematical equation like E=MC^^2  & then saying that everyone that uses that equation has to pay you for using it.  On the otherhand I like to make money building software. I guess I am just 
Case in point was Eolas whom I originally ran into trying to find a tool to do imagemaps.  They claimed the patent on that I think. I think their real income is from law suits. They seem to have had a primarily empty website for most of the last 12 years.


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Seth says
Sounds like another good reason not to program to ActiveX controls.

Seth says
source: php classes
Under Internet Explorer 6, XMLHttpRequest requires an ActiveX component. The latest Microsoft security patches disable ActiveX by default.
I wonder if this will deactivate anything in fbi for IE .  Rte might have used activeX. Certainly look wh's here did.

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