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About: slashdot | philips patents technology to force ad viewing

I say that forcing someone to watch an advertizement is the same thing as forcing someone to read their spam email. It is already an unwanted intrusion. Since when have advertizers the right to be watched ? I think this should be outlawed rather than patented.


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Seth says
Sounds like this is similar to the mechinism that they put on a DVD that does not allow you to fast forward through the FBI Warnings.  In this case when you want to channel surf during commercials, presumably the channel change button on your TV set would be locked out.  

Strangely enough it may backfire, witness this comment ...
source: slashdot comment
I would acutally welcome such flags in programs. It will make it so much easier to detect and autoskip commercials in mythtv. Right now it is about 80% accurate in skipping commercials using the methods available. With actual flags in the broadcast this will be 100% effective. Very cool!
... So possibly we could purchase TV's where we could skip all commercials. 

Being of the "lazi fair" persuasion, i doubt that legislating against this is the solution.

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