Starting Point

         As we inaugurate this group these stories make up the News Weather

Secretary Rumsfield - X-Generals disagree with his policy & leadership style - a satellite story which filled the vacuum left behind the Immigration Hurricane while the US Congress was out on Spring Vacation (Easter). It is estimated that this is only a news (topical) depression now, but should be watched as it might gain strength as the election in November begins to cross the national consciousness.

Immigration Hurricane - Congress is back in session & as predicted the story now gains strength - watch this storm to gain strength, probably a category 5 by election time. Damage in excess of billions to the natural treasury as it is predicted that ~ 15 to 20 million illegals scramble in to be part of the virtual amnesty that members of Congress are likely to extend to get new constituents. There is an outside chance of extreme danger as members of Al Queda slip in and blow things up for effect.

Gas Prices - This tornado managed to rev up strong beginning Friday & managed a 30cent/per gallon rise over the weekend reaching a fever pitch added to by Sunday talking heads bloviating (hot air creating concentric circulation) . Look for it to rise & fall periodically with some category 5 activity just prior to the election in Novermber & spawn critical touchdowns on & off in the Winter as it becomes a heating oil problem in the NE.

BinLaden Tape - not much of a storm - mostly a tropical depression it is already breaking up & moving off the radar screen.

Mary MacCarthy - A new storm rapidly changed from a depression to a category 1 hurricane - 880 stories in big G at this moment. We will watch this one. Is she a whistle blower or a treasonous Bush basher ? There is a tremendous chance that this could damage national security, but not much in the future. Expect minor tornados of Congressional bloviators to call for more investigations on this topic.

Iran's Nuke program - A hot air blast from the previous MacCarthy story has pushed this one down to only a constant annoyance of psyche unrest. Expect an explosive reappearance when Iran tests their first nuclear bomb in a year (5%chance). There is a 60% chance within the next 5 years. Some chance of light fallout when the UN receives some report at the end of the month.

We have a news-thermometer stuck up the US (an appropriate orifice) to measure the temperature of the stories of Natalie Holloway's Disappearance,  Moussaoui sentencing and a few others just in case they  move above room temperature at any time. Note: a body that assumes
room temperature is normally thought to be dead! (depending where you are).


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