i like to watch rivers of photos ...

There are two in particular
  1. tinypic.com/new/
  2. flickr.com/photos/... corresponding feed
  3. another way to look at flickr
The thing is, even though both of these feeds are pictures from "everybody", they have a very different texture.  Obviously this is because the former is anonymous and the latter is supposed to be named.  I think it tells a lot about a person which texture they find more interesting.  Note that we are talking about content here not presentation.

Which texture do you find more interesting ?

Incidentally if anyone knows of other feeds or rivers of photos from anybody, please let us know here ...


  1. photos
  2. rivers
  3. ~photos


Mark de LA says
I like to walk along the beach and watch the hairy clams open their bivalvenesses to the fresh air - exposing their inner meats to the to the salty breezes. 

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