I will attempt to make a distinction between a backlash & a boycott.  A boycott is unreasoned attempt to destroy a company , person or group through a mob mentality IMHO.  I think it is unsound economically.
On the other hand I believe in CFR’s thought 2201 concept of money as spiritual in nature as much as it is physical (& physical as much as it is spiritual) & that where you put your money should be congruent with your being & your highest human aspirations. 

Picture "Love Makes the World go Round copyright by Jim - see his awesome website.

                                           Another way of expressing this idea is:
I choose to stamp my own imprint on the world by selective spending.  Each dollar I spend shall be for things I want to flourish & grow. I will to the best of my ability not spend otherwise.  This will reach all the way down into the people who produce the items & the companies that market & sell goods of any kind. It may even extend to the countries that manufacture goods.  My goals, however are to fructify the best for all & to be anti nothing!


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goldrule says
I think the difference between a boycott and my intent here is that one is positive & the other is negative.  When I vote with my money I am chosing something I believe in & think should survive & thrive.  When I boycott a product or company I am saying with my money that that product or company should die or go bankrupt. 

goldrule says
goldrule 2006-04-27 07:45:40 3417
" Money in the industrial or business State is equivalent to what the Vote is in the political state.  The little child with it's single penny possesses one vote, that is to say, it can vote to say whether or not any given person shall remain in business, it can say whether or not any given article shall be manufactured & distributed, it can say whether or not it thinks that any given merchant's method of doing business is correct, humane & profitable, it can say whether the manufacturer is efficient and so forth & so on.  Every penny is one vote which can build or destroy any given or selected house of business or mercantile corporation.  This is the true purpose and function of MONEY & when Money is used for its true purpose poverty disappears, from the business world, & prosperity returns & these returns are INCREASING, not diminishing as some vain professors imagine. " - C.F.R. February 26, 1936.
This is from the Tai Shu Book Ting - page 62-64 an early privately published work.

goldrule says
I will rename this group when I finally grok a single coin that represents the purpose already stated.  Backlash , while Ethos, is almost logically similar to boycott except as explained .  My Coins might be an interesting idea but is probably not strong enough to direct visitors & may just attract coin collectors.

Mark de LA says
Yesterday, I did come up with the idea that the Internet could help and assist people wanting to buy based upon their own profile of how they want to spend. There are information needs for:
  1. product alternative lists - almost like a consumer reports only different - the greens have such things.
  2. company research - which companies provide the most wholesome environments for their workers & which are using almost slave labor in foreign countries
  3. country research - you provide your criteria
  4. globalization & ownership info - e.g.: just because CompUSA is owned by Mexico's Grupo Sanborns - does that mean anything. Who gets the profit from my purchase? What are their employment practices. Is it another example of exporting jobs?
  5. Check out how much of your everyday stuff is made in China. What other countries make similar items who are likely to be more friendly.
The distinction has always to be made that selective spending is different than a boycott!  Your choice should be guided by information and the knowledge that you are blessing the way a company does business & treats it's employees with your patronage. It does take a lot of work to shift from an economy based on cheap prices & global markets to one of evolving good practices . The way you spend your $$ today can well determine the kind of world your children live in tomorrow. 

PS.  I pondered this need the other day when thought about the buying influence Playboy magazine had on a whole generation of people who were afluent or wanted to be. The stereos, apparel, drinking habits etc., all conditioned by the advertizements.

There is a lot of research necessary. Now I wonder If a group could happen that would create a critical mass of people who want this to happen & then help provide the info (in the right spirit) needed to selectively spend in this manner.

Mark de LA says
M 2007-01-17 07:32:01 3417
Wikipedia: ...
Right livelihood Right livelihood (samyag-?j?va

Mark de LA says
Source: ...

Those of us who believe in limited government must now deal with the threat posed by an emergence of a state where the powers of government, liberal activist groups and corporate interests loot us of our liberty.

But there is something we can do: Every day we have an opportunity to vote with our wallets by letting companies know there is a price to pay for colluding with those who oppose our values.

...This fox report on Nike, Starbucks & others is interesting. I am interested in the larger sense in what's going on with the Environmental lobby & the Cap & Tax boondoggle. Mostly my vision would be to have a website with alternatives to Nike & Starbucks.  Personally I buy my coffee (Sumatra) in bulk from Costco in 3 pound packages which I grind up myself (works out to be about $5 per pound vs $10 or more from Starbucks. I don't have any Nike shoes. Like HAL, this effort would require something on the order of the Discover the Networks website to trace all the interconnections & be highly responsive to inquiries. 

C says
USA only website of in country produced product companies is here. This idea needs to be expanded to foods which are not full of chemicals & pesticides, companies that employ threefoldness structures & ideas, & money & banks which foster threefoldness.

Mark de LA says
MR 2012-03-25 13:27:13 3417
The core principle of selective spending is consciousness; being conscious during purchasing goods & services.  I could also call it conscious spending & conscious capitalism.  As I am conscious I align not only my world with the traditional virtues of truth, beauty & goodness I also have an impact for the same in the my economic World.  Such can be said for my conscious attention & conscious media consumption.
Currently, the economy is driven by price. We tend to spend our own money for the lowest-priced merchandise & services we can find & for the highest quality of same within a price range. Sometimes price is all we are concerned with. Very few of us know much about the companies we purchase from or the people whose services we consume except, perhaps, what is supplied through advertising & imaging. At best we have word of mouth information. There are outfits like Consumer Reports & Medical Referrals but I would guess for the bulk of purchases these are just a small part.  We have agents for things like houses where the weight is on the consumer & the pressure provided by the seller & the agent. Lastly there are boycotts & social media pressure groups who function to attack the corporations & businesses which provide services but fall out of favor for one reason or another with the public - usually due to something in the news.
There is a website with similar purpose but mostly from the libertarian free markets & responsible corporations point of view. What I am proposing is something directly from the individual point of view. Consider selective spending or conscious spending as a vote for your future & the future of the economy. This is apolitical in the context of separation of economics from government.
Perhaps I should have said that without the context of an economy that is a fully free domain independent of government it becomes politics. BTW, you can see how government via the channels of media & advertizing & lobbying has become the primary domain moving economics .  Government is almost a commodity within the illusion of being representative of the people, by the people & for the people. These are the days when the overlap has reached a tipping point & individual choice & votes have to mean something.

Mark de LA says - right direction, who knows?
The idea of microloans & foundations as instruments of good & dynamic balance in an economy seems nice.

Mark de LA says
There is more s selective spending here ← happy I would probably change the group name if I could since the impetus to bring up selective spending was boycotts.  Will wait though for mobile thoughts. tuit

Mark de LA says
 ← click on picture
for humor sake dzing & conscious capitalism 

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