What if they gave a boycott and nobody cared ?

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Personally I would forward a list of all companies that gave timeoff or closed for the boycott or didn't dock the pay of those who did not come to work to the INS. This is probably a source of companies who employ illegal immigrants. 
This reminds me of an eek! I had about a country being taken over without a shot being fired just by swarms of people from another one. All those idiots who want illegals to be able to vote as well completes the picture.

The education system provides so little real information on economics that most people have a total lack of understanding on this topic. Of my my siblings (altogether we are 4) only I had a formal class in economics - econ 101. The economics of immigration from Mexico & Latin America is flawed.  There is no net benefit to the US.

Boycott ? What Boycott ? Anybody notice? The vegetables were still in the markets. Landscaping was still being done. I'm sure the smugglers were still smuggling. I didn't notice no stinking boycott !! It was just a media frenzy.


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Mark de LA says
Misuse of boycotts
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Democratic officials Wednesday launched a two-pronged attack on states with new laws requiring identification before voting, the highlight being a call to boycott Coke, Walmart and others that back a leading organization pushing for voter ID laws.

“We are organizing. We are not agonizing,” said Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., who is leading a parallel Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s effort to get government identification into the hands of the estimated 2-3 million Democrats who don’t have one. “We have staffed up,” he said.

... If the vote is sacred, what's wrong which identifying yourself when you vote? I know the left's party line, but it holds no water in the context that you need a photo ID to cash checks & buy alcohol etc. A photo ID makes it harder to conduct voter fraud however.

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