Iran's Nukes

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It's funny, this story has been perculating all day but just recently showed up in the top news in Google with 1919 stories. I generally don't read the ChiCom's newspaper Xinhua as I don't expect anything from it except the party line. Watch this effect oil prices again. this is probably a cat-1 to go to cat-5 suddenly when Iran thumbs it's nose a final time at the UN when maximum sanctions are suggested. 
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The main problem is that the 2 hold out countries are China & Russia who have stakes in Iran (just like they had stakes in Iraq) .
Incidently, the IAEA said that the Iranians were obfuscating & refuse to resolve questions.
FoxNews cable commentators see this situation as very similar to when Hitler was building for war with the League of Nations doing nothing & impotent.  Now it's the UN's turn.  It was a nice touch to see the Iranian army goose stepping for the cameras. 


Mark de LA says
M 2006-04-29 07:33:00 3425
I like this theme for war related stories. Lightning pictures are as varied as snowflakes or fingerprints.

Mark de LA says
On again - off again - deja vu google lists 2180 articles and the story line is the same as pre war Iraq.