About: cnn.com - darfur rally set for national mall - apr 30, 2006

And now they want to protest our NON involvement in Darfur ! There are 10,100 Google News search titems here, so far on the Darfur, Sudan crisis.  This is a Topical storm which may peter out if in fact Darfur accepts The African Union negotiations etc.  The rebellion may also be spreading to neighboring Chad.
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What happened to the UN on this one ? Refugees have been dieing for a couple of years now. 


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Mark de LA says
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Surely the left doesn't want us to interfere in Darfur with our military do they ? How about some brie, croissants & puff pasteries & we can play a game of water baloons afterwards ! See here .

Mark de LA says
Still in today's news at Google 908 - apparently the deadline is extended 2 days.
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 Compared to Iraq this is a larger in deaths & atrocity - & Sudan does have oil! Go figure  BinLaden is ginning it up for the Arab government & the rebels are the ones trying to get out of the poverty & genocide of the government.